On-site Staffing

    Agile Infoways work on your requirements and hire the best candidates for your organization via On-site staffing. Assistance like sourcing resumes, criminal background checks, drug tests, onboarding as well as managing the consultants are provided by our robust recruiters to several clients overseas. On-site augmentation allows candidates to work solely from your firm in the US for you.

    We process these hiring solutions!
    • Direct Hire - In such a process, the company aims to offer jobs to the right candidate directly without getting bridged by any third organization. Most importantly, direct hire offers the work to the candidate directly with the organization, not the recruitment company.
    • Contract hire - Preferrable by both candidates and organizations, contract hire is another vibrant hiring process. In such cases, candidates are hired for short and long term projects for the clients for on-site project work. With highly qualified teams, on-site hiring not only provides employment, but it also caters benefits like insurance, home, compensation, and payroll taxes.
    • Contract-to-hire - Also referred to as Intermediate hiring. In this procedure, the hiring begins with a temporary hiring process with the intention of hiring the candidate on a permanent basis after completely evaluating the working ethics of the candidate.
    • Permanent Hire - Permanent hire means permanent employability. In this situation, the candidate is hired on the basis of organizations’ requirements. The requirements are provided to the staffing augmentation companies and then tests as well as interviews are conducted directly at the client’s organization. Benefits such as healthcare, insurance, payroll taxes, compensations are provided directly by the hired firm, as long as the candidate works.

    Offshore Staffing

    Agile Infoways’ recruiters provide the best solution for your requirements. We assign highly experienced IT experts according to your projects to work remotely. Offshore hiring allows the candidate to work dedicatedly for your projects or firm across the globe. In order to find the least difficult solutions, offshore hiring can be the best choice.

    We Offer ….
    • Contract / Temp-Hire - Selecting the expertise, we screen the candidates according to your requirements. In contract offshore staffing services, the software engineers are set free to interview strong and test practically from overseas by the US companies or clients.
    • The requirements can hold any kind of project- short or long term.
    • Also, we provide flexible and technically sound software engineers who can mould themselves with the latest technologies and the team sitting across the ocean.

    Why Staffing Augmentation?

    • Time Saviour- Business requires manpower and IT staff augmentation services serve that to you. Does not require sourcing of resumes, list them out, and schedule long procedures of interviews.
    • Cost-Efficient - Hire the best candidates in the efficient payroll, without getting concerned about paying compensation, benefits, and taxes.
    • Smooth Accessibility - With highly experienced Account managers and recruitment team, hiring the appropriate candidates becomes easy and smooth for you. Robust recruiters are available 365 days for you.
    • Liability - The staffing augmentation process is 100% authorized. Our qualified and experienced recruitment team solely works to provide you authorized candidates by performing high-level hiring and operations.
    • Adaptability - Staff augmentation is quite very flexible with all your requirements. No need to concern about the requirements once it is delivered to the hiring team. Talent acquisition is highly alert to respond you back within a few timeframes.
    • Responsive Compliance - Compliance is an important part of recruitment. Young and energetic team with mature recruitment tools, Agile Infoways serves guaranteed compliance which means screened and valuable candidates.
    • We are the compassionate and diversified team to serve you!
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    Key Differentiators

    Smooth Process

    Hiring process is conducted step by step, with all the authorized processes.

    24 * 7 support

    Our staffing team is present to solve your queries in the given timeframes.

    Dedicated Team

    Teamwork is our key to success and we follow it in recruitment too. Hierarchy is strictly followed while recruitment process.

    Ability to handle complex projects

    Our team works on the challenging requirements to provide you the right candidates.

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