App Upgrade for iPhone X Resolution

    We always make sure to provide the best and most recent iPhone app development to our clients. Our iOS app developers are so creative and talented to handle app upgrade for iPhone X resolution. Now, iPhone 8 user can use @2x image and iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus can use @3x image asset. We are experienced in delivering these services to satisfy every client.

    • Upgrade your application UI to support iPhone X
    • Upgrade to most recent Swift 4
    • Upgrade your design to take benefits of iPhone X

    ARKit Development

    A new brand framework is introduced by iOS 11 named as ARKit. This framework allows developers to create unparalleled augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad both devices. Our iOS developers are skilled in handling ARKit development as they work on blending digital objects and the information with your surrounded environment. These ARKit apps help people to feel real world scenario that takes them away from their screen.

    • Keep your 3D asset for work
    • Support for Unity, Unreal and SceneKit
    • ARKit allow an innovative facility for robust augmented reality apps
    • Simple to relate live selfie special effects or utilize facial expressions to make a 3D character
    • With the TrueDepth camera, your app can find the position topology, & look of the user’s face with full accuracy and in real time

    New Camera APIs

    iPhone X has come up with the amazing new camera APIs that allows user to face awesome lighting effects. Our developers are aware with various camera APIs, i.e. Portrait Lighting which has deep sensing camera and accurate facial mapping to create striking studio lighting effects. Dual OIS has both rear cameras that have optical image stabilization and fast lenses for wonderful photos & videos even in less light area. Optical zoom has wide angle and telephoto cameras on iPhone X that enable optical zoom & digital zoom up to 10x for pictures and 6x for all videos.

    • Utmost Still Image Resolution
    • Video Resolutions & Frame Rates
    • Slow Motion Video
    • Single-Shot / Video HDR
    • High Resolution Still Images throughout Video Capture

    Animoji Emoji

    Upgrade your Emoji app with Animoji to get real life fun with different Emojis by our proficient iOS developers. With the TrueDepth Camera, you can get 50 different facial movements and animate those expressions in a number of Animoji just like a panda, robot and unicorn. These fantastic features are available on iPhone X and you can record any message and send to Animoji messages that will act with your voice and smile and sad expressions will adopt by the Animoji.

    • iOS 11 comprises the most recent animated emoji feature known as “Animoji”.
    • With iPhone X, a lot of emoji can be tailored with your own facial expressions
    • This reacts to facial expressions with the help of iPhone X camera to animate a variety of 3D animated emojis.
    • Emojis together with a robot, panda and cat are able to become Animoji.
    • The characteristic works with the front-facing camera and new algorithmic technology baked into Face ID’s recognition tools

    FaceID Integration

    We have the capability to provide you FaceID Integration with Touch ID Support. Face ID is transforming the verification on iPhone X, utilizing a best in class TrueDepth camera framework build with a dot projector, infrared camera & flood illuminator, and is provided by A11 Bionic to precisely plan and identify a face. These highly advanced depth-sensing technologies cooperate to safely unlock iPhone, allow Apple Pay, and provide entry to protect applications and plentiful features.

    • At first scan your face correctly to identify it later.
    • Scan your face in a broad range of lighting environment.
    • Evaluate a new-fangled scan with the stored one with enough flexibility to identify you almost all the time.
    • Does not permit a same looking person or a picture or any mask or any other method to open your phone.
    • Modernize your facial details as you age, modify hairstyles, raise a mustache, transform your eyebrows, get plastic surgery, and still identify you.

    Integrate Siri API for Voice-to-Text Experience

    SiriKit allows your iOS applications and watchOS applications to work with Siri, so clients can complete things with the content and services utilizing only their voice. Expanding Siri’s help for messaging, photograph search and phone calls to more applications, SiriKit also supports new services that covers ride booking and personal payments. We are having expertise in integrating Siri API for voice-to-text experience.

    • Applications implement SiriKit by building an extension that communicates with Siri, even when your application is not running.
    • Picture Search – Find for pictures and videos of appropriate content type and play slideshows in the application of their choice.
    • Siri manages all the user interaction with the voice and natural language identification
    • Workouts – begin, pause & finish workouts with your preferred workout application
    • Send text messages using apps that support messaging services.
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    Why iPhone X Development from Agile Infoways

    iPhone (SDK iOS 11)

    iOS 11 sets another standard for the world's most progressive and versatile mobile operating system. We have the capability to provide the most intelligent apps by using the power of machine learning with the help of Core ML. Our developers are highly skilled to build awesome augmented reality experiences using the ARKit.

    Database, Location, Camera and Many Other APIs

    We are experienced in developing iOS apps using different APIs to create a different app as per clients’ business need. If a person wants to make a location based app then our iOS developers will use API to develop that particular application for iPhone X. We understand user requirements and always work in that direction to provide them satisfactory output.

    Full-Screen Usability for Your Apps

    iPhone X presents an innovative design with a spectacular all-screen display that definitely follows the bend of the device with rounded corners. The all-glass front and back element the strongest glass ever in a cell phone in silver or gray, while an exceedingly cleaned, stainless steel band flawlessly wraps around and fortifies iPhone X.

    Powerful Swift Development

    Swift is an intense and instinctive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Composing Swift code is intelligent and fun, the language structure is compact yet expressive, and Swift incorporates present day highlights engineers love. Our Swift Developers are talented and highly knowledgeable to build Swift Apps as per our clients’ demand.

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