IoT Sensor Data

The application and business process over an assortment of utilization cases can be fathomed and sorted out through gave database. It presently underpins highlights that settle on it an extraordinary decision for working with time arrangement information. With high accessibility stockpiling, quick and written in Go, Influx DB with the recovery of time arrangement information in real fields. Create a database in Influx Database through Agile Infoways that offer item reconciliations with your favored stages of a decision. A database is a high-performance data store written specially to manage time series data. It allows for high throughput ingest, compression and real-time querying.

We Facilitate Sensor Data Analytics Solutions With Influx DB
  • Down Sampling and Data Retention
  • InfluxDB is a high-performance data store written for time series data
  • InfluxDB offer Influx QL as a SQL-like query language for interacting with data
  • InfluxDB offers two features: Continuous Queries (CQ) and Retention Policies (RP)
  • Help you automate the process of down sampling data and expiring old data.

Operations Monitoring

Software services don’t work alone, typically database comparisons focus on routine standards. Yet performance is just a part of the overall picture, it doesn’t matter how good benchmarks are if a database can’t be used in production because it has an incompatible data model or query language, or if it lacks reliability. With that in mind, we begin by comparing. Monitoring operations are the major part whereby Influx DB Experts of Agile Infoways assist with Time scale DB and InfluxDB across three qualitative dimensions, data model, query language, and reliability, before diving deeper with performance benchmarks.

Offerings Key Features Of Operational Database Monitoring Through Influx DB
  • It is written specifically for time series data
  • High-performance data store that too can be custom
  • It compiles into a single binary with no external dependencies
  • InfluxDB Operational Database Management System offers product integrations with your preferred platform.


InfluxDB will mechanically dense the data to lessen the storage space. adding on you can easily down sample the data, keeping the high accuracy of uncooked data for only a limited time, and storing the lower exactitude, summarized data for much longer. Influx database is a high-performance data store written specifically for time series data and to manage it in an organized way. InfluxData centers around Open Source and Open Standards implies we present item mixes with your preferential step of resolution. Skilled System executive of Agile Infoways follows all required process and then round out with a comparison across database ecosystem, operational management, and company..

Some Of The Key Features Of System Database Are As Under
  • The TSM engine allows for high ingest speed and data compression
  • Simple, high performing write and query HTTP APIs
  • Custom high-performance data store has written specifically for time series data
  • Plugins support for other data ingestion protocols such as Graphite, collected and Open TSDB
  • Written entirely in GO. It compiles into a single binary with no external dependencies

Real Time Analytics

The volume of measurements and occasions is past what any human can practically translate and make a move on. Machine learning with continuous examination is significant in finding the motion from the noise. Regardless of whether the association needs a continuous investigation to purchase and move values, perform prescient upkeep on a machine before it comes up short, modify costs dependent on client conduct—handling, breaking down and following up on the time arrangement information progressively is the issue to fathom. Agile Infoways assist with Processing Time Series Data in Real-Time with InfluxDB.

Offerings Key Features Of Real Time Analytics Through Influx DB
  • A design to stream data analytics in real-time
  • It can also be built across both infrastructures as pre-processor and post-processor
  • It performs specific actions based on these alerts like dynamic load rebalancing
  • A user can even create custom user-defined functions to create queries for their time-based operations

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SQL style query language

This makes it easier to use and to work with. Database development & management through this language result quick and performance-based.

Retention Policies

InfluxDB uses retention policies to automatically handle your data retention periods, so one area of a database where you can keep data for 7 days and you can have another area of a database where you can keep data for say 6 months, another area where you can keep data for 2 years.

Automotive computation

Constant queries routinely compute aggregate data to make frequent queries more resourceful.

Continuous Queries

This feature lets you make any query run as a continuous query which essentially means telling InfluxDB to run the query in the background and compute it automatically.

HTTP API-2 endpoints

InfluxDB gives two simple endpoints where we identify the database name and the retention policy with which you are writing or reading in data.

Optimizing time series data

This data commonly comes from sources like distributed sensor groups and can click data from large websites.

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