Our Expertise in Health Care Solutions

    Proficient in developing robust health care applications for medical practitioners, corporate hospitals, and private clinics with varied technologies. We focus on subject matters that challenge the practitioners to provide their services and determine to achieve growth and profitability by delivering effective solutions. We understand the concern of data security for maintaining health records, therefore, we follow HIPAA rules like data privacy, security, enforcement, and breach notification from the beginning of system development undertaking the measure to authenticate the medical records, including conversations between doctors, patients, and nurses about treatment including reports, billing information, and any medical information.

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    Features of Healthcare Solution

    Doctor’s Console
    • Doctor’s Profile Management
    • Appointment Reminder
    • Prescription Management
    • Waiting Queue Dashboard
    • Patient old Record Access
    • Diagnosis Notes & Remarks
    Patient Management
    • Patient Registration
    • Patient Appointment
    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
    • Patient Hospitalization
    • Nursing Plans
    • Discharge Management
    • Medication Management
    • Ward and Bed Preparation Request
    • Drug Dosage Tracking & Alerts
    • Tracking observations
    • Clinical Test ordering
    • Report Validation
    Ward & OT Management
    • Ward Availability and Allocation
    • Easy UI for Ward Staff
    • Operation Theater Status
    • Report Analysis
    • Anesthetist Notes
    • Custom Consent forms
    Laboratory and Radiology Management
    • Lab Test Configuration
    • Creating Lab Requests
    • Test Management
    • Report Management
    • Update Patient Reports to
    • Doctor
    Pharmacy Store
    • Medicine Information
    • Medicine Availability
    • Medicament Grouping
    • Medicament Pricing
    • Automated Medicine Request
    • Purchase Order Generation
    Accounting and Invoicing
    • Registration Invoicing
    • Consultation Invoicing
    • Hospitalization Invoicing
    • Required Format
    • Accounting Statistics
    • Accounting Graphical
    HR and Payroll Management
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Duty Time Tracking
    • Shift Management
    • Timesheet Management
    • Leave, Appraisals, Reimburse
    • Salary Disbursement Processes

    Technologies We are Working With

    • SWIFT
    • KOTLIN
    • Objective C
    • Java
    • Angular JS
    • React JS
    • ASP.net
    • .NETcore
    • Node JS
    • Python
    • Laravel
    • Odoo
    • MY SQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • MONGO DB
    • Twilio

    Benefits of health care solutions

    Accurate Reporting

    Centralized patient information for better understanding, access, and on-time assistance. A digital approach to store information notably reduces human errors.

    Easy access and sharing of Patient’s data

    Manage and implement patients personalized healthcare. Share across multiple platforms with data security. Accelerate sharing of patient data with professionals in emergencies.

    Simplify booking Appointment

    Increase patient consultancy bookings. Early and remote booking leads to convenience for health care organizations and patients. A customized schedule tool for patients to availability and book appointments with preferred time slots.

    Empower patient’s healthy lifestyle

    Boost the value of an online community for patients to share the information and interests. Provide access to medical literature, research, facts, and tools to improvise decision-making.

    Enhance doctor-patient communication

    Establishing a reliable connection between a patient and health care professionals for any medical guidance to eliminate the high healthcare costs of hospitals.

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    Health Care Projects Developed by us


    eCare is the leading cloud-based platform for care coordination. It is being used by GP’s, allied health professionals, and community service providers for person-centered chronic disease management, disability care, home care, and hospital avoidance programs.

    Here are some features of the app:
    • Video Consultation between Doctor and Patient
    • Online Chat
    • Measures and medication summary
    • SMS reminders
    • Personal and professional calendar
    • Todos List
    • Social media integration

    Best Me Health

    Best Me Health helps to plan the nutrition and diet plans of oneself. Taking care of the day-to-day activities, food intake has led to a better and healthier lifestyle. Experts from different parts of the world provide guidance with videos of recipes, exercise, calorie balance, and many more.

    Here are some features of the app:
    • Schedule a call with a nutritionist.
    • Study the test report and plan the diet accordingly.
    • Count steps and increase the stamina for daily activities.
    • View exercise according to the suggested lifestyle
    • Inspect food calories.
    • Check blogs and participate in group activities.
    • Explore nutrition plans and make the edits as per your choice and also with guidance.
    • Inhibit recipes as per the prescription.

    Shades Of Things

    SOT enables diabetic patients and respective doctors to capture and upload photos of wounds to analyze wound attributes, provide treatment according to the healing score and size of the wound. Obtain the detailed examined reports and progress in infographic data like graphs and diagrams.

    Here are some features of the app:
    • AI Integration enables the detection of the tissues.
    • List of Patients and List of wounds.
    • View 3D models of wounds.
    • Analyze the Healing Score, Wound Size, Wound Depth, Wound Contour, Stage, Wound Characteristics.
    • Treatment Schedule.
    • Review wound photos before and after dressing.
    • Detailed inspection of progress by doctors and prescription.
    • Upload Photos as per the visits to understand the improvement of the wound.
    • Graphs/Chart, Diagram to audit the plan of the treatment.
    • Analytics as per the last visit and next visit.

    Jigsaw Health

    Jigsaw Health helps patients collect, manage, and share their medical records. Connect all of your healthcare providers to review your health all from one location. Establish connection through video and audio calls and erase the hassle to stand in queues. Align your appointments as per your and your doctor’s availability.

    Here are some features of the app:
    • Search preferred providers or the available ones.
    • Verifying providers by checking the health certificate.
    • Medical portals and profiles.
    • Appointment history and barcode scanning for reviewing the history.
    • Notifications for calls, appointments, medication reminders.
    • Adding family members to review the patient journey plan.
    • Accept/Reject request for adding the appointment as per the availability
    • Active portals for hospitals and health organizations.
    • Audio Video Consultation and live chat.
    • Insurance for patients.

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