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drive better decisions with predictive data analytics

Predictive data analytics solutions help businesses make data-driven decisions. From preparing your data and model selection to deployment and refinement, we help you throughout the development cycle and beyond. We use current and historical data to predict the unknown, such as future trends or events. Our predictive models capture relationships and assess risk with preset conditions according to your business needs.

transform data into value with predictive data analytics

Predictive analytics consulting empowers your business to become proactive, progressive and action-oriented based on data. Our predictive models are customized to increase your business bottom line with actionable insights.

Advanced visualization

Real-time data analysis

Predictive modeling

Scalable deployment

Why Predictive Data Analytics

end-to-end predictive analytics services

Predictive analytics services are a secure way of forecasting a business's future since they focus on mitigating the risks and considering what-if scenarios. It helps your business adapt to the industry's needs and innovate on the go.

  • Strategic consulting

    Our predictive analytics company helps you assess the possibilities of utilizing predictive analytics to achieve targeted business outcomes. We develop a strategy for deploying a predictive model considering your business data, requirements, and opportunities so you can maximize AI’s full potential and create new business value.

  • Data analysis & processing

    Leveraging our experience working with data sources, we help you develop a solution that addresses your needs. We assist you in augmenting data sets by developing robust generative solutions. For building a data strategy, data engineers help you conduct exploratory data science analytics and advice.

  • Predictive modeling

    Our predictive analytics consulting experts build predictive models that help you identify patterns and predict future outcomes utilizing statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques. These models enable us to make informed and data-driven decisions in no time. It also optimizes business performance.

  • Custom product development

    As a top-notch data engineering company, we offer end-to-end custom product development services and help you build predictive analytics software. It significantly improves your existing data analysis system. Our experienced and skilled data engineers lead your project in agile ways and deliver client-oriented solutions.

  • Anomaly detection

    Leveraging machine learning and statistical techniques and considering your business needs, our data analytics experts help your business implement customized anomaly detection solutions. We develop precise and reliable models for identifying anomalies while offering ongoing support to ensure early detection and resolution.

  • Integration & maintenance

    Our predictive data analytics experts help you integrate your predictive analytics tools with your existing solutions and workflows. Our team works with you to learn more about your requirements and ensure that your integration is smooth and efficient. We also offer regular maintenance and support.

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hire predictive data analyst

Hire predictive data analysts to define, develop, maintain, and evolve data models, tools, and abilities according to business type and needs. They identify, develop, and implement precise algorithms and ML models to create scalable and business-oriented solutions.

Predictive Data Analyst

Skill set

Pahal Shah

Pahal Shah

Pahal has over 6 years of experience working on predictive data analytics projects. She consulted with cross-industry clients on the use of data science concepts like data mining, machine learning, BI, and predictive analytics to meet the client’s needs.

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Skill set

  • Data Science
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Predictive Modeling

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predictive data analytics: analyze smarter, act faster, and empower business

Regardless of business size and industry, data is a new business asset to achieve a competitive edge amid intense competition and changing business dynamics. All you have to do is find value from the raw data; therefore, at Agile Infoways LLC, we transform your business raw data into actionable insights to help you make data-driven decisions with predictive data analytics and make your business stand out amongst many.

Techniques of predictive analytics

Decision tree

Decision trees are categorization models wherein we put data into various categories considering their unique variables. This predictive data analytics method resembles a tree, where every branch depicts a potential choice, and the leaf presets the decision results. Decision trees are easily understandable and function well when your datasets have missing variables.

Regression analysis

With this statistical analysis technique, we help you estimate relationships between variables. Regression is beneficial for identifying data patterns and determining correlations between different inputs. If you deal with continuous data that follows known distribution, you should choose regression analysis. We help you identify how independent variables affect the other.

Neural network

Neural networks are based on machine learning functionality. It is helpful for predictive data analytics when data representation is complex, and you face difficulty finding relationships. Neural networks are basically the powerhouse for identifying patterns in data. With this, we help you find non-linear relationships in your database, particularly when any known mathematical formula fails to analyze the data. It successfully validates the result of regression and tree models.

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    Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

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