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Data architecture services help you create robust, flexible, and highly efficient data architecture that addresses your business data management goals and enables you to remain competitive amid the modern business environment. We help you identify complexities and gaps in existing data infrastructure and modernize data architecture to deliver data needs and make business become analytics-ready with data-stack master.

streamline data flows to arrange & access business data seamlessly

Our advanced data architecture simplifies accessing and using large data sets from conventional and new data sources. We help you build secure, flexible data architecture that fixes common challenges emerging from outdated architecture.

Data Warehousing

Data Lake Implementation

ETL Pipelines

Real-time Data Streaming

Why Data Architecture

maximize your business data value with our data architecture services.

Our team for Data architecture services modifies scattered data into meaningful information and develops flexible data architecture. It allows you to securely access large data volumes from various sources and work with data in real-time.

  • Enterprise data architecture

    Irrespective of your data storage type, we build safe and adaptable data architecture that encourages the usage of qualitative, accessible, and relevant data. Our robust data architecture, like BI, custom appliances, regulatory reporting, data science, and custom applications, is built to grow and support your needs.

  • Data warehouse & data marts

    Utilizing proven techniques, our modern data architecture expert helps you build data warehouses on a modern platform to facilitate governed or central locations for semi-structured and structured data assets. We guide you on where your data should reside in a data lake, a data warehouse, or both.

  • Cloud data migration

    Our modern data architecture company helps you migrate data assets to advanced and scalable cloud-based platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. We design a custom migration plan that includes the platform’s configuration with tech migration details for all environments and go-live procedures.

  • Database platform assessment

    We assess your existing data storage, whether on-premise or on the cloud, and see how you improve operational efficiency, performance excellence, cost optimization, and reliability. Afterward, our data architecture engineer offers thoughtful recommendations and suggests best practices to improve the areas and achieve targeted goals.

  • Data management & security

    Our data management and security services offer dynamic and strategic solutions by designing an affordable and robust data security roadmap with complete protection to safeguard your sensitive data and intellectual property. We ensure compliance with regulations and data privacy standards and minimize cyber security instances.

  • Data integration

    Our modern data architecture company gathers data from various sources and offers a unified view. We begin with the ingestion process, cleansing, ETL mapping, and transformation to gather, clean, and combine data for storing, analyzing, and integrating data to use your data to its full potential.

  • Data analytics & reporting

    Our data architecture services leverage data analytics and reporting tools to offer actionable insights into your data. It predicts potential risk, finds value and offers intuitive visualization via dashboards and close to real-time reporting. It enables you to identify trends and make data-driven decisions quickly.

hire our data architecture engineers and build a well-structured data architecture foundation. realize your data value!


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hire data architecture engineer

Hire data architecture engineers responsible for designing and building data infrastructure and workflows. They develop data policies and processes and optimize your existing database and make recommendations to redesign the architecture to bring real data value.

Data Architecture Engineer

Skill set

Aaditya Bangar

Aaditya Bangar

Aaditya is a seasoned data architect engineer with a deep knowledge of building and automating complex data systems. With 12 years of experience, he is skilled in C, Go, and Python. He is interested in data science and AI and focuses on delivering top-notch results.

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  • Data Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture
  • AWS/Azure/GCP
  • AI & ML
  • DevOps
  • Python

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complete solution for modern data architecture

Data architecture is transforming the business dynamics across all industry verticals. Most organizations harness data power to enhance processes, drive new business opportunities, and gain competitive advantage. Since businesses need to accommodate increasing data volumes and changing business needs, modern data architecture and engineering have become essential. At Agile Infoways LLC, our data architecture consulting experts guide businesses in identifying gaps and complexities in existing data infrastructure and recommend modernizing or building new data infrastructure to address data needs effectively. Blending data engineering and modern data stack skills, we enable your business to be analytics-ready. We form effective data pipelines, incorporating different data sources and maintaining consistent data quality through transforming and cleaning data.

Essential components of data architecture services

Data source

All data solutions begin with different data sources, such as relational databases, static files caused by applications, real-time data sources, etc. So, we study your business’s different data sources and identify the gaps that are impacting your business performance.

Data storage

For batch processing, data is mostly stored in a distributed file store since it can hold huge data volumes in different formats. It is known as a data lake. To implement this storage, we utilize Azure, AWS, or GCP as per your needs.

Batch processing

Since data sets are huge, batch processes involve reading source files, processing them, and writing the output of new files. We use Hive, Java, Scala, Python, and U-SQL in Azure data lake analytics for batch processing.

Real-time message ingestion

For real-time message ingestion, our modern data architecture expert includes real-time sources and a way to capture and store messages for stream processing. We also help you create a message ingestion solution that acts as a buffer for a message and supports ramp-up processing, reliable delivery, and other message ranking semantics.

Stream processing:

Once we capture the real-time messages, we process them by filtering, compiling, or sometimes preparing for data analysis. Our stream processing frameworks simplify the parallel hardware and software by limiting the performance of parallel computation.

Machine learning

For analyzing the data, our modern data architecture company uses machine learning algorithms to build models that classify data or predict outcomes. We train these models to process large datasets to analyze new data and make predictions or classify the data according to your business needs.

Analytical data store:

We prepare the data for analysis and then serve the processed data in a visually harmonized manner for assessment, utilizing the best-fit analytics tool. As per your needs, we store the analyzed data in a relational data warehouse or present it via low-latency NSQL technology or an interactive Hive database offering metadata abstraction.

Analysis & reporting

The ultimate goal is to offer insights into data via analysis and reporting. Our data architecture engineer includes a data modeling layer and empowers you to analyze the data properly. It also offers self-service BI utilizing visualization technologies that offer actionable insights to make data-driven decisions.


As a data architecture services provider, we automate the repeated data processing operations embedded in your workflows that can transform the source data and move data between different sources. We push the analyzed data straight to a report or dashboard. To automate these regular workflows, we use orchestration technology as well.

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    Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

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