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Our data security solutions offer comprehensive security solutions to protect your intellectual property and confidential data. At Agiles Infoways LLC, we ensure compliance with data privacy and regulations and reduce the impact of cybersecurity threats. Our data security experts help you standardize and automate security within your business operations and evaluate data encryption methods, data authorization, authentication, reviewing backup and recovery processes, password management, etc.  

protect your critical data against cyber attacks

We offer holistic data protection services to safeguard your organization’s critical data across creation, usage, and transmission. We also mitigate risk from ransomware and data breaches.

Encryption & key management

Data masking & anonymization

Access Control Policies

Security monitoring & auditing

Why Data Security

avail fully compliant data security services

Our data security services leverage a structured approach consisting of robust and resilient security. We create strategies, fix gaps, and deploy and maintain robust privacy and cyber security measures that meet industry-specific compliance needs.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    We help you identify, quantify, and analyze the security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and applications. Combining manual and automated approaches, we split the detected vulnerabilities according to their types. Considering their impact, we prioritize the findings and your attention to them.

  • Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)

    With penetration testing, we help you pinpoint the vulnerabilities before hackers get to them. With our tailored approach, automated tools, and manual testing techniques, our data security experts identify security flaws, assess the possible impact, and offer guidance, assuring transparency and support.

  • Security Audits and Compliance Assessments

    Our data security company helps you increase your business value with our automated security audits & assessment solution, establishing a security compliance culture and safeguarding your critical data and systems. With our adaptable approach, we uncover close gaps in company-wide IT infrastructure.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

    By analyzing the operational abilities, log events, and other data from disparate sources both in historical and real-time; we handle threat detection, compliance, and security incident management. Our SIEM solution smoothly aggregates, consolidates, and sorts functions to offer automated security events via dashboards.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)

    With the IDPS system, our data security expert helps you monitor your network for threats, take necessary actions to prevent the detected threat, and also attempt to remediate the threat. We gather information about your network, review it, and safeguard the technology infrastructure and sensitive data.

  • Endpoint Security

    Our data security and protection expert strategizes, configures, and deploys the latest endpoint encryption technology. It aligns with regulatory compliance to protect your confidential information. We use a centralized console to monitor, maintain, and update operations, reducing complexities and endpoint security management costs.

  • Data Encryption

    We encrypt your data into a code or cyphertext, which allows it to be read by employees with access to secret passwords or keys. We keep your data from being compromised, stolen, or changed by encrypting all data, including data at rest or in transit.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    With identity and access management, we ensure that employees and entities with digital identities have the proper level of access to your enterprise resources, like databases or networks. We define the user roles and access via IAM systems to streamline access control and keep hackers away.

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hire data security manager

Data security managers are responsible for building secure and trustworthy database security solutions. They perform evaluation and penetration testing. To keep your data safe, they manage security technology and audit systems. They consistently work on developing and fielding secure network solutions to safeguard business data against advanced persistent threats.

Data Engineer

Skill set

Yash Malhotra

Ajit Bhatia

Ajit is a strategically focused data security engineer experienced in cyber and cloud technology management for over 10 years. He excels at maintaining secure infrastructure, cloud, data, and app platforms. He has expertise in defining and modernizing cyber security, cloud strategy, and infrastructure.

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  • Data security
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cross-Departmental Support
  • Risk Management
  • Network Infrastructure Security
  • Cloud Security

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everything you need to know about data security solutions

Whether you own a small or large organization, data security and privacy risks are becoming more prominent in the business fabric. It significantly impacts productivity loss, and businesses are functioning at a higher risk of losing data. Existing data security approaches are becoming obsolete as continuous data generation and usage across various data silos in the organization. Therefore, having advanced data security solutions in your business across data creation, use, and transmission is essential.

why are data security services essential?

Ensure compliance with industry standards.

Having industry-relevant security regulations in place helps you avoid legal actions and fines against your business. It also legally protects your confidential data and the company’s reputation. Data security and compliance strengthen the company’s discipline, instill good cyber security practices in the business, and streamline data management operations.

Safeguards confidential information:

Most organizations are data-intensive and need data on demand. Data security services ensure that this critical data remains secure from theft or manipulation by implementing various proven data security methods like encryption or access control.

Improves customer trust

Following high-standard data security practices ensures customers that their data is safe and shows your commitment to protecting data. Data theft or security breaches may cause a loss of customer confidence in your business and damage your business’s reputation.

Detects and prevents cyber threats:

Cyber attacks are becoming more advanced and professional, targeting all businesses. Data security experts help you detect potential data theft and unusual activities, prevent threats, and minimize the occurrence of such instances.

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    Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

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    GoodFirms - Top Mobile App Development Company
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    Top Web Development Companies
    Top Firms
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