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With constantly increasing data and workload, intricate on-premise systems and data centers have to be migrated to the cloud. Cloud engineering is applied to fix and streamline the workload by harnessing the power of the cloud and building a reliable, agile, and safe foundation. It allows businesses to create scalable, flexible, data-driven solutions aligning with core business objectives and goals.

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Cloud engineering companies intersect business with technology and how work is executed. It helps you transform obsolete solutions into fully functional cloud-based solutions.

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Why Cloud Engineering

outpace change with cloud engineering services

Cloud engineering services are the key global enabler for enterprises to manage and monitor their business operations swiftly - anywhere, anytime, and more flexibly. It offers better access to engineering resources while assuring quicker time to result.

  • Cloud consultation

    With cloud engineering services, you can customize the transformation strategy in phases and define the cloud-native architecture, application, and deployment blueprint. Besides that, maturity assessments with DevSecOps and define further strategy. It empowers you with better insights and extracts maximum benefits from cloud deployment.

  • Cloud architecture design

    Cloud engineering companies help you envision and design powerful cloud platforms with top-notch performance, flexibility, and maintainability. Cloud experts run the cloud discovery to better comprehend the computing capabilities that match your business needs to build, deploy, and support the adequately documented and layered architecture.

  • Cloud app development

    Developers utilize PHP, Python, JavaScript, .NET, and other technologies to build cloud apps with extensive functionality for various verticals. Considering your business needs, you can easily customize the app architecture with unique business logic. We leverage DevOps strategies and advanced toolkits to build cloud apps.

  • Cloud migration

    We enable enterprises to accelerate cloud migration with a comprehensive and structured approach and assure consistent availability, flexibility, and a secure cloud environment. Depending on your business needs, we suggest the cloud migration model, employing the best-fit suite of Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, and other tools.

  • IoT cloud integration

    With MQTT and REST API, we embed IoT systems with your preferred cloud suite. It helps to seamlessly manage, monitor, and secure your device communication at scale and gain real-time data analytics to improve customer experience. It facilitates a ready-made backend that reduces development time.

  • Cloud security

    We offer cloud engineering services with built-in security in all highly regulated fields. Our cloud services meet security standards and ensure business continuity with powerful backup and recovery strategies. Embedded security measures enable you to mitigate security threats and protect your entire cloud infrastructure against all threats.

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Hire cloud engineers to design, develop, and manage cloud-based solutions, applications, and infrastructure. They allow organizations to optimize IT resources, enhance scalability, and minimize operational costs. They manage the cloud environment by security guidelines.

Cloud Engineer

Skill Set

Keshav Nanda

Keshav Nanda

Keshav is a focused and skilled cloud engineer with 10 years of experience. He is proficient in developing robust cloud infrastructure and excels at modernizing cloud and cyber strategies and delivering DevSecOps through the automated acceleration of cloud adoption.

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  • Cloud engineering
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud security
  • Data protection
  • Security engineering
  • AWS, GCP, Azure

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    Our commitment goes beyond development – with 24/7 technical support, we're here to address your concerns and ensure continuous project success.

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    Benefit from our expansive reach with development centres strategically located to provide diverse perspectives and optimal project outcomes.

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everything you need to know about cloud engineering: phases, strategies, core capabilities, approach, and benefits

Cloud computing is becoming more relevant every day in driving innovation and meeting the evolving needs of organizations and people. Gartner predicts that more than 50% of organizations will have adopted cloud computing in 2028 to accelerate their business ventures. The race to the cloud has been becoming fiercer, and to overcome the stubborn on-premise barriers, cloud engineering is a necessity as it fuels new capabilities like AI.

Cloud engineering phases


The cloud engineering team evaluates your current IT infrastructure, data, and applications to assess the feasibility, costs, and advantages of migrating to the cloud. This process consists of recognizing potential risks, analyzing dependencies, and selecting the cloud migration strategy that best fits your needs.


During this phase, the cloud engineering company creates a detailed roadmap for cloud migration, considering the findings from the evaluation stage. This strategy consists of defining scope and objectives, choosing the suitable cloud suite, and identifying the required resources and tools for migrations.


In this stage, your development teams begin transmitting your IT infrastructure, which consists of migrating your on-premise application and data to the chosen cloud service provider. Developers configure and deploy the cloud resources, migrate data and test applications, and ensure they function smoothly in a cloud environment.


At this stage, developers manage and maintain your cloud environment, ensuring that migrated data are accessible and that applications are running as expected. The controlling phase includes inspecting and updating resources, addressing security vulnerabilities, and assuring that your data and applications perform at scale.


During the optimization stage, developers monitor overall performance and fine-tune resources to integrate cost-saving measures and magnify the advantages of cloud migration.

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    Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

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