For any business, logo design is a crucial part. It symbolizes your company brand and your company’s ideals. The very first thing we see when searching for a company’s website online is the company’s logo. A custom logo reflects your brand in the same way that other companies do. To gain more app visibility, you need to research the whole market for getting perfect ideas for designing a logo. If the entire concept of app logo design goes in the right way, then it will create a significant impact on your app downloads.

Whether you are starting your business or want to update the existing logo with a new design, it doesn’t matter much. The whole concept of logo designing is used in making your app rule in the market. For doing this, we need to pay attention to the below essential points that can help us in making the app design best with attractive looks.

In today’s time, crafting the logo is the primary need and necessity. To design logos, we have a high demand for logo designers across the world. One needs to research the whole market before finalizing a logo design for a mobile app. For this reason, there are several points that we need to consider and understand for creating an extraordinary app design.

What are the primary logo design stages, one needs to consider?

Check the Logo Design Flow. Be simple and at the same time recognizable. Effective logo design comes with a complex strategy which includes the below stages for the designing and marketing process.

  • Setting the task: This phase is the foundation of all design processes. It’s time for the designer to get as much information from the client and mark the right way to the goal. The more information you get, the better you can design.
  • Research: In this stage, the designer goes deeper into the environment in which the future brand sign function works. The research stage moves on in two directions, like user research and marketing research. Explore the market segment, create a unique sign, and draw potential customer’s attention.  
  • Creative search: The main aim of this stage is to develop a stylistic direction, which allows fulfilling the branding design process in each particular case. When the requirement from the team is exact, and details are plotted carefully, all it needs is to get polished. Analyzed the different variants and obtained significant results.  
  • Polishing the details and finalizing the concept: The designer develops to choose the direction that works over the slightest details. In this phase, the designer can experiment with forms and lines, shades, and set within the general stylistic concept.
  • Testing: The designer prepares final high-resolution graphic assets for a logo and makes a big mistake. Any design needs to be first tested. The team needs to conduct post-design testing before going live. The test is performed on different devices and surfaces. The results of testing by people are analyzed thoroughly and influence the final logo alterations.   
  • Creating a style guide: Finally, when the designer accomplishes a style guide for finalizing the logo, it includes clear and informative instruction. It enables the customer to inform any sides involved in the creative process.

Use the below features for effective logo design

  • Simplicity
  • Versatility
  • Originality
  • Consistency of use
  • Recognizability
  • Memorability
  • Longevity
  • Informativeness
  • Appeal to the target audience

Understand the best practices for Mobile App Indexing

Here are some essential that we need to know:

1) Icon and app color:

Color selection is a leading factor when it comes to audience attraction. It is said that human emotions are attracted towards colors, and each different color indicates a different meaning. Choosing an appropriate color contrast not only appeals to engage with the app but also differentiate you from your competitors.

For example:

Yellow is the color that’s famous for instant attention gaining. This is the main reason that most of the road signs have a yellow color sign. On the other hand, blue is mostly preferred by several of the companies to set its logo. Blue color indicates dependability and trust, which is the main thing that any user will search for in the company that he is choosing. Few applications like the Bank of America & American Express and PayPal have their logo in blue color. Therefore, it’s totally in your hands to design the app logo and give the best color.

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2) Never copy the logo of others:

You can take a look at the design & brand of the different companies’ logo but never copy them. Learning from other’s logos is crucial as it will give you proper guidelines to follow the right path. Joe Kral and Peter Markatos are Facebook’s logo designer who is ruling the whole world. Next is Nike, whose logo was created in 1971 by Caroline Davidson and is one of the famous in the world.

We have plenty of such examples in the market that got massive success with logo designing. Take reference from successful logo designs and implement the perfect logo design.

3) Target the audience according to your business:

Designing a logo design is an important task to decide the scope of the mobile application. Every single portion that you are performing in the logo design should be adequately sensed. It’s essential to focus on each area and target audience before you make any decision regarding the app logo. To understand the user’s requirements, one needs to study the whole market and find out the essential points that people are searching for.

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4) Do not make complicated, expansive, and unclear app logo:

While designing the app logo, keep in mind that you’re designing the logo for the mobile app with no so large screen. Going with the large logo design or maybe unclear signs may create confusion to the people. It is a very wrong prediction that designing a complex and big logo will attract more users. Avoid complexity, go with the small, concise, and clear logo design with a unique color touch. Give a pleasant look to gain the user’s attention and, in this manner, you will get more downloads for your mobile application.

5) Charge your app according to the functionalities

From the whole logo designing process, this phase is an important one. Decide the price of an application that is going to be introduced in the market. One needs to keep in mind when you are going to make an approximation to decide the cost of an app. The price should be set based on the business plan. Whether your business is small or large, after seeing all the essential points, one should conclude.

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6) Choose the logo fonts wisely

There are hundreds of fonts available like Arial, Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Monotype Corsiva, and many more. Look for the best font type that will suit your requirements & will give a professional look. Avoid funky font style. Use casual & generally used fonts for chatting purposes.

Professionalism is needed when you are designing the logo for your mobile app. Make the best icon for the user’s perspective. The fonts that will grab user’s attention quickly and show full professionalism are Helvetica, Bodoni, and Gill Sans, Optima, Futura, Frutiger, Clarendon, Garamond, Optima, Membo & many more. Hire User experience designer and improve your business level. 

Ending thoughts

When it comes to doing business, we won’t leave any chance to grow our business. Try to hire a Logo designer or hire the best mobile app development company and create an excellent custom-designed app logo for your Business. The most important advice our team can give is, never to forget about the app working. If your app isn’t using well, it only takes a few taps to delete it. No matter how cool your app icon is, if the app isn’t useful, the user will delete it.

AgileInfoways is performing excellently in mobile app development and in the designing field. The App developers at AgileInfoways are working hard to get the logo out in the market as per client requirements.

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