With increasing technologies, the demand for developers has also increased. Specifically, based on a prediction by geeksforgeeks, the count of developers has increased by 26.8 billion worldwide. If you think your business needs a robust mobile application, hire a react native programmer that knows both JavaScript and native platforms.

Additionally, some organizations seek to hire React Native developers to grow their businesses. React is the most popular framework used to develop interactive mobile applications quickly. As the framework is in high demand, some companies find it challenging to onboard React Native programmers. So how can one see the best react native app development company or how to choose to react native app developer based on the skills you require in the programmer? Stay tuned to understand what we need to look at when hiring a react native programmer.

Why does one require to hire React Native developers?

There are a lot of benefits to choosing React native for your development, as it not only saves us cost and time but also comes with excellent speed, performance, and experience. Look at a few pointers that help you understand what advantages React Native brings to your plate.

Great performance: When we need a cross-platform application, no one can beat React Native in performance. The framework uses a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) rather than a CPU to get an excellent performance like native app development.

Cost-efficiency: As with React Native, you can use a single app for different platforms, such as Android and iOS. Using the same codebase for multiple platforms can save time and cost. In the end, cross-platform development comes with maximum code reusability for native UI component building.

Strong community: One can find resources quickly. Hire react native developers from Agile Infoways and easily leverage a vast ecosystem of React to build mobile apps. Facebook powers the framework, and the community has poured continuous efforts and contributions into making this framework an awesome one.

Faster development: Choosing to use React native development services is a good decision. Users can create a high-quality, native-like user experience by adding smooth UIs and faster app development. In React Native only one codebase is used for different platforms. Which means, a large amount of code can be reused.


What are the key skills to look for before choosing React Native developers?

Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and React Basic

Hire a react developer that has a good command of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. JavaScript is the base for developing an application as it helps to create entire applications and components with ease. Also, react and react native are two different technologies that can be reused to make code easy to maintain.

React Native developer hard skills

Having a good grasp of React Native framework is very important if you’re trying to add in the framework that helps to understand its proper functioning and working of it. It’s not about the theory but also the practical implementation that requires to be achieved when starting any project

Third-party dependencies and APIs

There are a lot of features that are not available in React Native, and these are third-party dependencies that play a major role here. Few features like maps are not available in the framework, hence one requires a good knowledge of third-party dependencies to have a complete rich-featured application.

iOS and Android development platform experience

It comes with a most essential skill set that we need in any react native developer. They should have hands-on experience with platforms with prior working knowledge on iOS, windows, and various other platforms.

Performance optimization

The most essential skill every React Native developer can have is performance optimization. The application can work best under all conditions. Optimization is carried out as soon as the application is ready and it enters the last stage. Additionally, the time taken to load and refresh the factor does fall in this skill set of a react native developer.

Testing and debugging

Once the application is built, errors are confirmed. During this time, the developer can use the skills and check the bug while rectifying them at the same time. Users can test the code in different scenarios and work in all conditions using their skills to function smoothly. Hence, developers need to have an amazing knowledge of testing and debugging skills.

Key takeaway

React Native comes with an open-source, JavaScript framework, a popular framework for developing mobile applications. Few companies including Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook, use react native for mobile app development. The tool provides an excellent look and feel while providing cross-platform development functionality.

The framework comes with high performance, fast updates and other business benefits that take advantage of hiring native react developers. If you’re looking for an excellent react native app development company, then connect with Agile Infoways to use the best react native development services by choosing the best react native app developers.

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