The report says the video gaming market is growing at a great speed of $90 billion USD in 2020. The gaming industry is witnessing a shift in trends. Various gaming studios are experimenting with technologies like AI, AR, and ML and more to build their companies stronger. 

We would like to dedicate this blog to all the tech enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting to know the next huge leap in the realm of TECHNOLOGY. Today, we are going to share the latest mobile game application development trends and advancements to look forward to in the year to come.

2020 Mobile Gaming Statistics

Mobile has emerged as an essential platform for mobile game development. Based on a study by Statista, there are more than 2.4 billion global mobile gamers in 2020, and it is projected to grow by 2.7 billion by 2021. 

  • The gaming market is expecting to reach $165 billion by 2020 and $180 billion by 2021
  • The gaming marketplace generates more than $41 billion in revenue. 
  • Today, mobile games dominate 51% of total global gaming industry revenue. 
  • The market share projected to reach 59% by 2021
  • Out of 56% of 2.3 billion gamers play games nearly ten times a week.
  • 50% of players are 34 years old and on average gamers play two to five times a month.
  • The researcher observed that in the year 2019, there were 37% of men playing games, and 63% were women. 
  • Female gamers are more interested in mobile games than consoles. 
  • 60% of Females play regularly, and the average age of mobile players is 36 years for women and 32 years for men. 
  • 50% of gamers play mobile games in the bathroom. 

2020 Mobile Game Industry Leaders Statistics

  • Pokemon Go acquire 3 billion dollars in revenue 
  • PUBG is one of the top-earning mobile games with almost half a million dollars 
  • Supercell’s generated $9 billion in the year 2019
  • Candy Crush Saga published more than $450 million in the year 2019
  • The honor of Kings made $377million in the year 2019
  • Aniplex generated $354 million in Q3 of 2019

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What are the major perks of mobile game development?

Remember the first and second-generation’s source of fun, ‘cross & circle’ on and physical board games? That was way back (almost two decades) when we did not have mobile phones and gadgets to entertain ourselves BUT NOW we are entering the fourth-generation where gaming is going to boom like never before.

  • Huge Customer Base

Mobiles are a commoner amongst kids, youth, and adults and playing games is an ideal way to kill time whether you are on a business trip, waiting for your friend in a cafe, or only fond of a particular genre of games. Building an exciting 2D/3D gaming app with striking graphics is a great way to capture your audience and magnify your money.

  • Great Branding Tool

Developing a mobile gaming app has become an excellent source for reaching out to people across the world. It attracts gamers to your brand and engages them, and if your illustrations, backgrounds, and sounds are to the point, it is going to have them coming back for more.

  • Additional Money

How can we forget pop-ups? If your user-base is tremendous, your game can be the honey that attracts several BEES (businesses) to get featured on your gaming platform.

The business of gaming, in today’s time, can be termed as one of the most profitable and engaging where users tend to multiply in seconds. One ground-breaking concept turned into a game that can lead to endless gains.

Top Game Development Trends 2020

Realistic Game-Play through Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Reality Headsets develop games that offer a realistic experience to players. It helps in developing 3D graphics and uses new technology to gain the focus of game developers. Virtual Reality (VR) comes with multi-projected environments where the user can have a 360-degree view (up, down, sideways, behind) and control the entire virtual, physical scene, or a combination scene. VR allows you to take a peek into the depth of the sea, top of Mount Everest, and the surface of Mars. Two notable examples of this Virtual Reality are Google Cardboard (Android/iOS) and Google Earth.
  • The popular categories of gaming that have evolved with the inception of AR and VR are action, sports, strategy, role-playing, racing, board games, and multiplayer games.

Games based on Augmented Reality

  • With the success of Pokemon Go and walking dead, which supports ARCore and ARKit to give an appealing niche to game developers. Hire game developers to integrate your game with AR elements. Today, the majority of game development companies focus on AR. AR is one in its kind that extracts sensory inputs like graphics, audios, videos, and GPS. The focal features of Augmented Reality such as 2D and 3D model support, motion detection, game developments for Android and iOS, advanced vision, and creatives make it one of the top-notch advancements in the field of technology.

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Cloud Gaming

  • As Cloud computing is on the rise, various games have moved to a cloud where editing can be simpler. Users need to install and run updates with the cloud to make it look attractive. Multiple games are collaborated with social media to add popularity Multiplayer games evolve and provide a platform to develop the same.

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Cross-platform Game Experience

A lot of game developers are trying not to restrict certain games to a single platform. You need not use consoles on PlayStation or Xbox or mobile; you can play across all devices with ease. The mobile developer and designers are finding the right balance in terms of design, execution, and graphics with developing more games across devices. Hire cross-platform developer to gain rich user experience.

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Some of the significant advantages of cross-platform are,

  • Launch your application on multiple platforms for a higher market reach
  • Cost-Effective
  • Updates can run on all platforms via one application
  • Identical look and feel across all platforms

Internet of Things

  • With the increase of dependency on technology, the Internet has become essential in our day to day lives. It is the link between the data networks and sensors of devices to send information using internet protocols. With this said, the Internet of Things gives gamers real-time experience and binds them to the gaming platform. It is the perfect platform for games that involve player tracking systems such as verbal cues, facial expressions, and marks the level of satisfaction of the player during the game.

Unity Game Development

Unity Game Development, just like the name suggests, is an all-inclusive gaming platform built in C# that allows you to create high-quality 2D and 3D games of diverse genres and edit them without the assistance of an expert. Games developed under this multi-platform are easy to use, creative, fast, and can customize with thousands of tools, extensions, and plug-ins from the well-equipped Asset Store, a marketplace by Unity.

What makes Unity unique is its Multi-Platform Solutions Framework (MSF) that removes the complexities of receiving content and storing files on the server. It also supports the integration of games across all social media networks. The other features are Unity Physics (helps in creating real-time simulations), Asset Tracking (fuses scripts, video, audio and game assets) and Unity Engine Rendering (includes a diverse range of graphics file formats).

Want to know more? Visit the Unity Developer Community, a great source of help for game developers irrespective of their level of expertise.

FAQ about Game Making

What is Game Development Software?

Game development is a specialized software application that facilitates the development of video games. The process used in it involves the video game concept, character, and environment. Several Game Development tools allow experienced game developers to transform ideas into real video games.

How do video games facilitate game development?

Various gaming software development programs facilitate asset creation that provides a vast suite of game design tools. It creates gameplay physics, icons, menus, help screens, buttons, sound effects, and much more. You can create assets from scratch using readymade game design to offer customized games according to your ideas.

What tools to use for Game Development?

There is a lot of wide array of tools for 3D models, terrain, objects, behavior, and more comes in video game software. 3D software packages are more sophisticated and powerful compared to 2D. Most of the tools available are free, and you don’t need to write source code. You simply need necessary computer skills and an organized approach to use tools for making an excellent game.

Which programming languages used to make video games?

Game developers use C++ language to develop games. C++ is generally used to build most windows and console games. Another language is Java, and it is one of the popular languages used for complex video game systems. The less common language that uses game design and development is C# and another web language such as HTML5, CSS3, SQL, and JavaScript. 

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