Quick Summary: As we uncover the top trending Python framework of 2024 for web development, discover everything from the robust Django to the lightweight Flask and learn how every framework offers a dynamic blend of efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. This detailed guide will help you with essential information to leverage the full potential of Python in your web projects. Elevate your coding game now and build exceptional web experiences.

During the client interactions, we often come across the following questions:

  • What are the Python frameworks?
  • Which framework will work for my requirements?
  • Are there any risks related to Python?
  • What kind of applications can I build using Python frameworks?
  • Why should I focus only on the Python framework?

Typically, clients are always under the impression that Python development services are utilized for machine learning, IoT, and data science.

Well, Python is more than that!

This versatile and object-oriented programming language offers simple syntax, libraries, and frameworks to build web, desktop, mobile, and gaming applications. Python is also frequently used in emerging fields like data analytics and task automation. It is one of the most influential and quickly gaining traction in terms of popularity, with 28% of market share.

Its dynamic concepts, number of frameworks, and versatility fuel its widespread adoption across industries. According to the latest Tiobe’s programming community index for 2024, Python topped the index as an extensively used programming language. Therefore, it serves as a primary programming language for some of the well-known big enterprises like Google, Pinterest, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, and more.

Python Programming Language



Currently, Python has become the premium choice for every development team for both front-end and back-end development. However, its built-in features are not accompanied that are essential to accelerate custom web app development. Hence, many developers choose the best Python frameworks to manage the subtleties of rendering.

Programming Language Hall Of fame

Python Frameworks

Python frameworks are nothing but a collection of modules and packages. Using these frameworks helps the organization minimize development time as they offer prebuilt implementations of redundant tasks. Developers only have to focus on the application logic and do not need to look into details like sockets, protocols, etc. Each framework has its unique functionalities, so the choice of frameworks is determined by the project requirements and development team preferences.

The primary advantages of using the top Python frameworks are that they are secure, well-documented, open-source, and efficient.

Advantages of Python frameworks

Types of Python frameworks

Python offers three categories of frameworks: full-stack frameworks, micro-frameworks, and asynchronous frameworks. Let’s now understand what these frameworks entail.

Three different types of Python Framework

Full-stack framework

This type of framework offers a complete Python development solution for web development, such as form generators, form validation, template layouts, etc. These frameworks are beneficial for all kinds of applications. However, you need to hire Python developers with extensive experience and knowledge.

Micro framework

These frameworks are lightweight and have an easy learning curve, though you need to find an alternate source for features like a data abstraction layer, form validation, and more. Developers have to put all the manual effort into adding code to avail additional features and functionalities.

Asynchronous framework

This framework leverages the asyncio library to function and has recently gained considerable popularity. This framework primarily assists in running concurrent connections significantly.

Top trending Python frameworks

Top Python frameworks plays a crucial role in web and app development process. It streamline the processes by providing particular functionality and enabling software developers to reuse generic modules. It helps them focus more on specialized elements in preference to redundant tasks.

The development team looks for a suitable Python framework list considering their project dynamics. So, here we have compiled the trending Python framework list 2024 that addresses all your concerns and chooses the best-fit framework.


Django is a full-stack framework and one of the finest database frameworks that has gained maximum momentum recently in terms of adoption. It follows the DRY rule (Don’t Repeat Yourself). It seamlessly transmits data from one database to another and has in-built libraries. Django can currently operate on databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and SQLite. To use other databases, you’ll need third-party drivers.


  • It offers URL routing
  • Let’s you define the pattern for URLs in your applications
  • Offers best data storage and recovery
  • Facilitates database schema migration functionalities
  • Django offers robust security
  • Allows editing, adding, deleting, and editing with an automatic admin interface
  • The caching framework consists of various caching mechanisms.
  • Provides authentication support


CherryPy is a minimalist, stable, and quick Python web development framework. It is open-source and can function on any framework that supports Python. This framework enables organizations to leverage any technology for data access and templating. Like web frameworks, it can do everything, from sessions and file uploads to static, cookies, and more. Developers can build web apps like other object-oriented Python programs. It results in minor source code in minimum time.


  • It is compliant with HTTP/1.1, reliable and thread-pooling WSGI webserver
  • For developers and deployers, it offers a robust configuration system
  • Offers smooth operations of a number of HTTP services on multiple ports concurrently
  • Offers unified utilities for sessions, caching, encoding, authentication, and static content
  • It supports Python 2.7+, Python 3.5+, PyPy, Jython, and Android
  • Facilitates complete support for testing, coverage, and profiling


Mozilla, Yelp, Dropbox, and SurveyMonkey are industry hotshots that utilize the Pyramid web development framework. This framework is widely adopted because of its flexibility and minimalist nature. It runs on Python 3. Hire Python developers in the USA to harness the Pyramid framework’s potential and develop customized web applications and intricate projects quickly. Developers with extensive experience have high regard for this framework because of its transparency and measured quality.


  • Functions smoothly with both large and small applications
  • Offers URL mapping according to Routes configuration via URL dispatch and WebHelpers
  • Offers testing, support and detailed data documentation
  • Flexible user authentication and approval
  • Offers HTML structure validation and generation
  • Comprehensive templating and asset details


Grok is based on the Zope toolkit, one of the most famous web frameworks. It facilitates an agile development experience by emphasizing two main principles: Do not repeat yourself (DRY) and Convention over configuration. This open-source framework quickens the application development and enables developers to choose from various network and standalone libraries considering the project requirements. Additionally, the framework’s UI is comparable to other full-stack Python frameworks like Pylons and TurboGears.


  • Grok element architecture assists developers in reducing development uncertainty.
  • Offers robust foundation for developing sophisticated and flexible web applications
  • A robust object storage database
  • Offers integrated data security, safeguards your application, and facilitates authorized users’ access.
  • You get the building blocks and components needed to build custom web applications.


TurboGears is a full-stack and data-driven web application Python framework. It was developed to eliminate the inadequacies of various web and mobile app development frameworks. It empowers developers to begin with web application development with a minor setup. It allows Python development companies to simplify Python website development using different JavaScript development tools. You can quickly develop a web app by utilizing SQLAlchemy, Repoze, WebOb, and Genshi. It also supports Pylons and many other web servers and databases.

The framework pursues an MVC (Model-View-Controller) design. Also, it incorporates vigorous formats, an incredible Object Relational Mapper (ORM), and Ajax for the server and program. Organizations using TurboGears include Bisque, ShowMeDo, and SourceForge.

This framework is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) design. It integrates robust formats, incredible Object Relational Mapper (ORM), and Ajax for the server and programs. Some giant organizations, such as SourceForge, ShowMeDo, and Bisque, use TurboGears.


  • Allows features execution as function decorators
  • Facilitates multi-database support
  • Offers ToscaWidgets to alleviate the coordination of frontend design and server deployment
  • Offers integration Mochikit JavaScript library
  • Based on MVC-style architecture and PasteScript template


It is an offbeat framework library utilized for non-blocking framework I/O. This framework also fixes C10k issues, which means that whenever it is configured correctly, it can manage 10,000+ simultaneous connections. This functionality makes Tornado an extraordinary framework for developing applications that require top-notch and vast numbers of concurrent clients.


  • You can implement 3rd-party authentication and authorization schemes
  • Top-notch quality, real-time services, and non-blocking HTTP customers
  • Offers qualitative output
  • Supports localization and interpretation
  • Web templates and user authentication support


Flask is inspired by the Sinatra Ruby framework and is available under a BSD license. It uses the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit and Jinja2 template. The primary goal is to establish a robust foundation for online applications. It is designed for flexibility, allowing developers to tailor it as and when required. LinkdIn and Pinterest are some of the top enterprises that have leveraged the Flask functionality. It is an ideal framework for simpler and smaller projects than Django. Therefore, you can predict web server development and Google app engine support and incorporate unit testing.


  • Offers debugger along with built-in development server
  • Complete support for unit testing (code with quality)
  • RESTful request dispatching
  • 100% WSGI 1.0 compatible.
  • Community-developed extension offers integration of new functionality
  • Utilizes Jinja2 templating (tags, macros, filters, etc.)


This web framework consists of code, an editor, a debugger, and a deployment instrument for maintaining and testing web applications. It is a framework that supports various platforms such as Mac, Windows, Google App Engine, Linux, and others. Utilizing a web server, SQL database, and an online interface, Web2Pys streamlines Python application development. It allows clients to build, modify, deploy, and administer online applications via browsers.

One key element of Web2Py is its ticketing mechanism. It generates tickets whenever an error occurs and encourages clients to evaluate the error status. Besides that, it offers elements for handling HTTP requests, responses, cooking, and sessions.


  • Developers can interact with relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Allows configuring over settlement and offers quick web development
  • Supports MVC architecture and streamlines web development
  • Its web-based IDE accelerates web development tasks such as modifying application files, running testing, deleting temporary files, and browsing past tickets.
  • Ensures online applications’ security by addressing potential and existing vulnerabilities.
  • It consists of Helpful Batteries for developing web applications without other services or tools.

Choose the best Python framework for your next project

Determining the most suitable Python framework for your next project is a difficult decision that may impact your applications’ web development process and success. Consider the following criteria while selecting the best Python framework;

  • Project scope
  • Project complexity
  • Community support and documentation
  • Development speed
  • Developers skills
  • Learning curve

To sum up

Python web frameworks significantly accelerate the development process by facilitating a set of modules and packages for developing customized web applications and services. Python development company helps to liberate developers from mundane tasks like maintaining low-level aspects like protocols, thread, and management and enabling them to focus on application logic.

Whether you choose Django’s structured capabilities, Flask’s simplicity, or any of the other frameworks discussed, the ultimate goal is to optimize the workflow. Therefore, remember that your chosen framework should streamline your projects’ needs and fit with your team’s existing skill sets. Since the technical landscape is evolving, it is essential to stay attuned to the shifting industry standards and always be ready to adjust your framework whenever the competition demands.

In short, understand the complexity of your applications and determine which framework would be beneficial.

Still, if you feel like you have lost balls in high weed, don’t worry. At Agile Infoways LLC, we have your back!

Let’s build a future-ready web application now!


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