Today, the ionic project is gaining popularity and is one of the most popular projects worldwide. It is considered the best framework in the market that develops hybrid mobile apps. Ionic is an open-source UI toolkit that builds high-quality performance and desktop apps using web technologies. The tech includes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and adds popular framework integrations. This framework contains React, Angular, and Vue.

Let’s understand how to install Ionic and know a few concepts.

  • Setup the system using the Installation guide.
  • Use the ionic beautiful UI design component library.
  • Integrate with native device plugins such as Bluetooth, Healthkit, maps, and more.
  • Learn from the easy, customized theme with modifying app visual design.

What’s new in Ionic 1?

  • One codebase that runs everywhere

Ionic is the most important mobile app stack that enables web developers to build an application for all major app stores. It’s the mobile web users from a single codebase. It’s the most used with an adaptive styling where the ionic app gives an excellent look and feel to the device.

  • Simple, clean, and functional design

It is well designed to work and display beautifully on all current mobile platforms and devices. Using ready-made components, a gorgeous base theme, and typography, it adapts to the platform by adding build-in style.

  • Focus on performance

It is mainly built to perform and behave great on the latest mobile devices by adding efficient accelerated hardware and other touch-optimized gestures.

  • Native and web-optimized

It helps to emulate native app UI, add native SDKs and bring UI standards and device features by adding powerful and flexible open web. The framework uses Cordova to deploy and run the browser as a progressive web app.

What’s new in Ionic 2?

In 2015, there was an announcement made for Ionic Framework 2.0. It bought the new opportunity by adding exciting features and powerful capabilities. It includes JavaScript that was a better fit for the complex solving data. The developers started to increase their development by building shared code. It added the following features:

  • Ionic native

We added a powerful integrated native plugin system that uses Web API with complete support for promises and observables.

  • Components

We are here to develop robust control adding DateTime picker evolving the stock control available in the browser. It builds apps that include 100% material design support.

  • Theming

We revamp theming by making their application more accessible and customized by adding matching vision with minimal code usage. It supports different modes, including Windows, iOS, and material design.

  • Docs and website

The ionic framework adds the re-design along with extensively overhauled documentation.

  • Enhance performance

Ionic helps to build apps that feel snappy on various platforms. It uses one code base, adding an open web standard and APIs. Ionic 2 no longer uses JavaScript scrolling, making it possible to build apps that scroll large items list. It adds minimal performance hit along with animated-based scroll events.

New tools used by Ionic 2

  • Error Handling
  • Ionic Serve Lab
  • Production Ready

It helps to improve components, features, and performance. It uses Beta/RC for a time that uses Ionic 2 for serious production apps.

What’s new in Ionic 3?

  • Angular 4.0.0

The upgrade is mainly used to introduce new features with smaller and faster applications. It supports the TypeScript version by adding this functionality.

Understand Why Developers love to use TypeScript?

  • TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2 compatibility

Similar to Angular, Ionic has updated the work adding a recent vision of TypeScript. It helps in improving the time and checking your application. It supports the ability to async in Ionic and more.

  • Lazy loading

Ionic 3.0 adds the support for lazy loading for those who are looking for testers and community feedback. It includes changes that ultimately speed up the application.

  • IonicPage decorator

The days are gone when you pass the deep link configuration to your application’s root module. One can set up links using the @IonicPage decorator. It makes it easy to set up lazy loading in your application and customization.

What’s new in Ionic 4?

The prime objective was to create a robust ionic platform that develops a mobile progressive web application that can easily access a native device feature. Ionic 4 has produced exceptional tools, concepts, and technologies, adding ionic PWA Toolkit, Capacitor, Native 5, and Stencil. One can utilize elements using Vue, Angular, React, and more.

Brand new features of Ionic 4 are:

  • Stencil

It adds a brand new web component that creates standard complaints adding an extra framework by using a different API that covers async rendering, DOM, JSX, TypeScript, etc.

  • Web components

This framework has improved functionality as this component towards browsers adds no requirements for writing code repetitively.

  • HTML templates

It is mainly utilized for acknowledging fragments that cannot be used at page loads that represent just at runtime.

  • Capacitor

It comes with a code execution layer known for its cross-platform API by calling native SDKs from web code. It writes a custom native plugin adding a top-notch progressive web app assistance.

  • 1.5 Times faster

The features offered a complete overhaul material design adding web components. It is scanned for a more robust UI with enhanced performance.

What’s new in Ionic 5?

Ionic 5 has applied the core of the open-source framework that can extend to Angular, React, and Vue integrations. If you haven’t heard about this, Ionic React rolled out a few months ago. The primary design revamps help Ionic app developers to align work to meet the UX requirement.

  • Header

The ionic 5 adds support for the same by adding specific components. It enables components to collapse the headers without glitches.

  • Segment

It has changed the way we checked and unchecked buttons differentiated in iOS. Additionally, the segment design no longer comes with a border and filled background.

  • Titles

It introduces the concept of adding the varied size by scrolling the content. 

  • Menu overlay type

There’s no need to push the main content and reveal a side menu in iOS. Ionic 5 mobile app development ensures that the menu overlays add the content instead.

  • Swipe down to close modal

One can add typical features using iOS where one can swipe down to close modal. It doesn’t cover the whole screen and does not need the user to tap buttons to complete it. Use the framework that enables a modal with a page pushed back behind it.

  • Ionicons

It also adds brand new icons sets that can work on light and dark modes.

  • Ionic animations

It helps with the custom animations using the latest open-source animations utility. The developers help create highly performant animations without adding central performance.

What’s new in Ionic 6?

The ionic framework v6 beta upgrades for iOS and Android configurations. It comes with a community that can change the significant delivery timetable by adding the framework programming releases. The upgrade from v6 to v5 is the smooth process of all transitions.

  • Easy upgrade

Releasing the Ionic doesn’t bring any changes. We strive to keep the changes to a minimum, breaking changes with both previous Ionic 4 and Ionic 5 releases.

  • Faster and reliable release cadence

After Ionic 6, we adjust your release by adding better coincides, including Android and iOS software releases. The developers can expect to see major yearly releases of Ionic moving forward with this.

  • Design changes

The design helps build an Ionic framework that updates with recent iOS and Android plans. It includes re-adjustment and significant versions that release schedules and add plan changes faster in the future.   

  • iOS

A few striking changes to the iOS model incorporate a new boost style with an updated modular style and toolbar for dark mode. The team announced that Ionic framework v6 is all set to ship.

  • Material design

The framework team watches out for the material design that patched the input style, adding a new filled and framework style. It additionally adds errors and helps text slots by adding the character counter. The Ionic community checks advancement with Android’s material. The ionic community adds the configuration impact by having on Ionic App development.

  • Deprecations
  • Virtual scroll

The ion-virtual scroll mainly utilizes the system with explicit solutions. The virtual scroll was only accessible for an ionic, angular client that restricted the convenience of the segment in Ionic react and ionic Vue. The framework delivers the virtual scroll adding Angular, Vue clients, and React.

  • Slides

Swiper.js is mostly controlled by a third-party library and when first launched did not have framework-specific integrations. Additionally, the ion-slides can overcome any barrier between the centre of the Swiper.js library along with JavaScript structures.

Ionic future

The ionic framework adds thousands of apps among the most popular in the iOS and Android stores. The apps include a cross-platform that builds a single-codebase and works on both devices with ease. The template helps to streamline the app creation process. It helps to create an app by adding your application in Ionic.

Check Future with Ionic App Development

To make your app development much more accessible, consider creating your application in Ionic. We have a team that helps to add existing features and bug fixes. Connect to our developers and grow your business globally.


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