You might have read somewhere that hiring a Mean Stack developer or full-stack developer, but do you know what’s the actual difference between the two. Before we move ahead into Mean stack vs full stack developer, let’s start understanding web development basics.

What is web development?

Web development refers to designing or developing a website or web designing for organizations. Its development is divided into two components:

Frontend Web Development

It’s known as client-side development that manages web apps and builds an interactive website using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Backend Web Development

It’s also called server-side development, which manages web applications, coding, and scripting. It helps collect, store, and retrieve data from the database along with the integration part of the frontend.

The above web development components make use of web-based tools and techniques. Here, full-stack developers work as both frontend and backend along with other APIs. At the same time, Mean stack involves only the set of frameworks like MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS.

The term full-stack relates to a developer who develops the server software for both client and server. On the other hand, the Mean stack means it’s used for the development of the website.

Why choose Full stack?

People hire dedicated full-stack developers for different reasons. Full-stack developers are essential for any full-stack development company as it uses a modern data setup that’s fully digitized and needs various designations. The developer works towards the technologies with implementing knowledge in the job.  There are mainly two things that a full stack developer needs to deal with, i.e., Front-end and Back-end development.

Both frameworks are responsible for designing the website where it uses different websites, which fits best into full-stack developers’ job roles. Today, developers are aware of the specific function related to website development while ensuring that it works continuously and thoroughly. With several diverse fields available, full-stack developer needs to excel in their knowledge. One needs to understand everything about the web application. The job opening is rich for developers where companies need only website developers.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Full Stack Developers?

Several companies are looking for highly skilled computer programmers who are comfortable in front and backend programming. Here the developers are responsible for seeing out for a project from its concept phase to the finished product. It comes with excellent organizational skills that are essential for any developer. In real-time, Full stack developers give a better understanding of what a full stack developer means.

Full Stack Development Responsibility

  • To develop user interaction on web pages.
  • To create a database and server for functionality.
  • To design user interactions on web pages.
  • To ensure responsiveness of applications.
  • To ensure cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.
  • Meeting technical and consumer needs.
  • Design and develop APIs.

What are the requirements of a Full Stack Developer?

  • To have strong organization and project management skills.
  • Should have proficiency with front-end languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Should have a Computer Science Degree.
  • Be familiar with JavaScript frameworks like React, AngularJS, and Amber.
  • Be familiar with Databases like Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB.
  • Have excellent verbal communication skills like good problem solving and detailed attention.

What are the top benefits of Full Stack development?

  • Get an easy switch between frontend and backend as per specific requirements.
  • Get a cost-effective full stack developer rather than hiring two developers.
  • One has ownership of the design.
  • Get an easy update where you don’t need a specialized update in the front end or backend.
  • Full-stack is the best option for small and medium enterprises.

Why Mean Stack?

The mean stack is different from the full stack. The core component of the mean stack includes NodeJS, Express.JS, MongoDB, and AngularJS. It gives app developers convenience for code transfer to another framework. The app development procedure should be done at a higher pace. Flexibility is another thing that the mean stack can do in-app development; hire dedicated mean stack developer to add information in the developing field. Moreover, cost-effectiveness is the next big thing to consider in the case of using a mean stack.

Moreover, the developers working with the stack need to know JavaScript. With using the LAMP stack, one needs less knowledge as a developer to be JavaScript’s expertise. Also, one can expect high reusability as NodeJS is unblocking in nature. Get access to outstanding maintenance as AngularJS, which makes the way out of it.

Mean Stack Development Responsibility

Mean stack developer job posting looks more or less the same as Full Stack developers. It needs to build frontend and backend systems that develop new modules, perform unit testing and coordinate with the web app team developed on API integrations.


  • Hands-on experience with managing MongoDB, Angular Js, Node JS, and Express JS.
  • Refine, establish and integrate environmental development tools.
  • Architect, test, deploy robust products which are highly scalable, fast, and responsive.
  • Deploy applications on AWS cloud with the ability to debug hosting-related issues quickly.
  • Design and maintain an extensive database with both relational and non-relational databases.

What are the requirements of a Mean Stack Developer?

  • Should be expertise in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, OOPS, and Symfony.
  • Ability to manage and lead developers’ teams.
  • Immediate joiners are highly appreciated.
  • Should be expertise in MongoDB, Node JS, Complete Mean, AngularJS, and Express JS.
  • Best in Industry Salary.

What are the top benefits of Mean Stack development?

  • Everything is under control, from front-end development to backend development.
  • It has pre-built testing tools that are used to accompany development.
  • It’s a form of four renowned technologies.
  • It is used as an open-source framework.
  • It supports working with Model View Controllers.

Check out the difference between Mean Stack and Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Development CompanyMean Stack Development Company
It’s not an acronym of any web presence. It relates to the developer. It comes with several benefits for the company as they can deal with both front and backend development. The developer needs to do a BFS study. We’ll get several job opportunities for Full stack developers.It’s well-known for web presentation and used in app development. Mean stack works best for a company that provides multiple benefits and an excellent framework. Developers can use multiple aspects of Mean Stack JavaScript.Incorporate BFS study using Mean Stack development.

Wrap up

Here in this blog, we saw several features and benefits of Mean Stack development and Full Stack development. One can choose any between two as per your company requirements if you have defined project specifications and choose the one that suits your needs. If you’re looking for the best web development service or looking to hire a full-stack web developer or hire mean stack developers, we are one step away. Let’s connect and develop your dream project.

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