Agile Infoways LLC recently had the privilege of participating in one of the biggest healthcare information management events of the year—HIMSS24. The conference theme was to shape the future of healthcare technology. This conference has facilitated a platform for knowledge building and networking with over 500 expert speakers and 30,000 attendees representing every aspect of the healthcare industry.

The predominant discussion topics were the necessity of systematically and ethically integrating AI into the healthcare industry while building AI literacy, quantifying AI’s impact, maintaining interoperability, and cybersecurity. Leading attendees suggest adopting AI from the bottom up rather than the other way around since AI integration is a multidimensional approach. Go through the crucial findings from the conference for immediate application.

Ronak Shah

Flagship programs

The key takeaway from the conference was the significance of starting flagship programs to identify pain points in the healthcare system. These programs help you itemize the scope and expected outcome, set metrics to help you secure buy-in, and offer a scalable model for further mainstreaming AI adoption.

Optimizing AI literacy

Through discussions with fellow industry experts and attending information sessions, we gained a deeper insight into investing in AI literacy programs for healthcare professionals and understanding AI’s capabilities to foster an environment where technology supports human intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence holds the substantial potential to upgrade patient care, diagnosis, and treatment since healthcare has become increasingly data-driven. However, alongside AI integration, healthcare data security becomes paramount. HIMSS24 facilitates an exploration platform, and we learned the essentiality of incorporating multi-layered security measures to predict risk and assure compliance with regulatory standards.

Measuring AI’s impact

Presentations at HIMSS24 showcased a 30% reduction in operational cost and a 25% improvement in diagnostic accuracy. These milestones highlight the significance of AI integration and set the standards. When considering AI integration projects in healthcare, outline clear objectives, determine benchmarks, and ensure they align with measurable outcomes.

Our participation in HIMSS24 was both informative and enlightening. We gained more profound insights into integrating ethical AI into healthcare, the importance of prioritizing data security, and the necessity of maintaining interoperability across systems. HIMSS24 platform has emerged as the premier place for healthcare industry giants to unveil news, innovation, announcements, and achievements and will soon reshape the healthcare industry’s future.


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