Hire Dedicated Developers – Best Engagement Model for Offshore Development Projects

    • May 17, 2016
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    Picking an appropriate engagement model is one of the most significant choices in any offshore outsourcing engagement. Having dedicated hiring model of outsourcing is modernized the approach outsourcing works for any sized businesses. In this model, dedicated resources will be allocated to the project that allow you to have a set of trained, qualified and dedicated experts without any annoyance of enrolling, training and retaining in-house resources. Basically, dedicated hiring is a model where you hire workers who will work for you but from an isolated area. Infrastructure as well as administration will be managed by another company.

    AgileInfoways has a pool of very accomplished, experienced as well as committed web professionals whom you can hire to work as a fully dedicated employee. When you enquire for resources, we do an important analysis of the whole project & consequently allocate a dedicated resource or a whole team of resources with the required sets of skills & abilities.

    There are number of advantages of dedicated hiring model in handling your offshore projects such as,

    • Scope of project can be define incrementally over a time period as well as when you gain more insight into your project.
    • It gives you option to choose the best talent as per your requirements.
    • Provide support of infrastructure.
    • Equips the dedicated team with the necessary communication support.
    • Take complete care of dedicated resources.
    • It offers fixed monthly cost with assurance of minimum work hours.
    • You will get a real power to manage your virtual employees by monitoring them remotely.
    • You save yourself from look into legal issues including government clearances, taxes, etc.
    • Data security has greatest significance to the reputable outsourcing vendors.
    • High quality management of the accountability of workers and the operations performed by them.
    • All HR regarding issues like employee leaves and other advantages are subjected under vendor’s control.
    • Continues working for number of projects improve the level of understanding amongst culturally different teams.
    • Dedicated hiring module is very cost effective compare to in-house resource as it saves the entire cost of training.

    In spite of the fact that dedicated hiring comes with number of benefits for your business, you should ensure that you are working with the correct organization. Any sized businesses whether its small or large, it will profit the most with dedicated hiring options as they can choose different talents who can work on different tasks on the rotation base when required. The customer also gets day to day reports regarding progress rather than get a one-time delivery at the end of development cycle.

    You should go with the dedicated hiring engagement model for your offshore projects if,

    • You have in-house workers who are able to direct and handle projects
    • There is a long term or ongoing project
    • You find a requirement of offshore support frequently
    • You are unclear about the goals and different requirements
    • You need man power for your in-house development procedures

    AgileInfoways, an ISO 9001:2008 certified offshore web design and Development Company stated that its module of dedicated hiring is very effective for small and medium sized firms which are discovering outsourcing as an approach to complete efficiently in current marketplace.