During this COVID-19 pandemic, things are getting digital. All businesses are revolving around the app and over smartphones. With no dine-in services in restaurants, peers have self-isolated in several parts of the country. Higher demand for online food ordering apps observed in this crisis. The Lockdown restrictions are keeping customers away from retail stores and malls. With this, the world economy impacted. The only sector that has scope to grow its business during this COVID-19 is online Food Delivery Applications

  • Quality of online order received by restaurant has gained triple over the past five years
  • The online segment expected to hit market volume by $11,137 million by 2022 in India
  • There are nearly 14.5% year on year growth in the number of online orders in India

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Today, ongoing demand apps are increasing. All service providers claim to offer the best in comparison to others. However, at Agile Infoways, your requirement would be served most affordably and genuinely. Our on-demand Food order and delivery app development allow customers to customize the order with easy design and better user experience. 

Create your own Mobile Food Ordering App with using this Features

Agile Infoways has the best mobile app development team that focuses mainly on rich-features and robust digital presence. Hire mobile developers to enhance online food ordering experience for your customer by developing your mobile food ordering app. 

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Food Ordering and Delivery, features we offer

  • Food Ordering
  • Table Booking
  • Multiple Language Integration
  • Live Order Tracking
  • In-App Messaging
  • Colour Theme Management

What are the essential features we add to our mobile food ordering application?

User Application

  • Search Restaurants: Users can search the restaurant based on their location and area and see their detailed information.
  • Book Table: Table booking module will help user/Customer to book their table into their favorite restaurant
  • Order Online: User can order food online from their favorite restaurant, they can access the menu and the other information
  • Add to Cart: Add to cart feature will help the user to add the item into the cart and check out
  • Payment and Track Order: Users can select the payment option, and can make payment online also users can track their order.
  • Rate and Review: Users can give rate and review to a particular restaurant. So other users can see the price and reviews of other users

Service Provider

  • Registration: Register their restaurant by providing basic details, and Admin will approve.
  • Content Management: They can add/delete/edit restaurant menu, images, address etc.
  • Manage Order: Manage the order of particular customers and can update with delivery details.
  • Track Delivery: For delivery confirmation, after delivery, the delivery staff will send a notification to the Admin and restaurant owner with full details of delivery.
  • Rate and Review Management: Provider will manage their restaurant rate and reviews given by the users. And will able to respond

Admin panel

  • Dashboard: Dashboard will show all the reports and the annalistic of the user and service provider activities.
  • Manage Restaurant: Admin has the authority to add new restaurants to the application and can delete existing restaurants from the app.
  • Manage User: Admin can edit, delete, and block any user from the application. Admin can also manage site banners and views of the application.
  • Payment Management: Admin can manage the payments and payment modes from the admin panel of the application.
  • Advertisement Management: Advertisement management will be done through the admin side.

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Revenue Model

Table booking and the food ordering application Choose from the most extensive range of restaurants in your area Owner can earn by the following ways

Service providers can have the option to list their restaurants into the top, so the service provider needs to pay for that.

It would have Advertisement space, Admin can sell advertisement space into the application, lots of traffic means lots of clicks and lots of business. Earning is very high in these types of applications.

Admin can connect his account to Google AdSense and can make very much more than you imagine.

What is the role of mobile apps in the food industry?

Quick Questionnaire

Why should you invest in an online Food ordering app?

The stats show that nearly 7.12 billion USD revenue will be generated by 2022. The technology is affordable and solves problems of a large mass of audience. It will increase the customer’s convenience with a better user experience. Few of the benefits are listed below:

  • It brands your app the way you want to
  • Gives more virtual orders and chatbots
  • No Commissions
  • Great Cost benefits

What are the must-have features for online food ordering apps?

There are a lot of online food ordering apps, which comes with similar features. Some of the quick and must have app features are shortlisted below:

  • Multiple Log-in and Registration Options
  • Notifications
  • Table Reservation Features
  • Integration with restaurant software
  • Ability to feature interactive menus and shopping carts
  • Supports multiple payment options
  • Loyalty and Discount for improving customer retention
  • Pre-order feature
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Feedback Collection

What is the average online order value for an online food ordering system?

The average online ordering app is the average bill amount per order which gives an amount of money to spend every time they order. The concept used here is cross-selling in the online food ordering context. 

How to calculate the average online order value?

  • Total revenue/number of orders = Average online order value
  • Average order frequency= Number of orders/unique customers

How to increase your average online order value?

  • Upsell with pairings, side, and add-ons
  • Make hampers and packages
  • Add a discount on minimum order and drive bulk buying

What are the key areas to focus during COVID-19?

  • Managing Crisis and Generating Response
  • Human Resources
  • Work Operations and maintaining supply chains
  • Liquidity and Finance
  • Strategic Branding and Planning

Why do you need a Restaurant App?

  • To boost your brand
  • To improve your services
  • To enhance the number of recurring services
  • To simplify location-based advertising
  • To increase sales
  • Enhances services

What does the customer expect from a Restaurant App?

  • The app should be simple to use
  • The app must be fast to access
  • The app should have new payment technologies
  • The app should have ratings and review section

What features to implement in your food delivery business during COVID-19?

  • Urging customer to pay online
  • Sanitization and gloves for drivers
  • No-Contact delivery
  • No-Contact takeaways
  • Chatbots Assistance

On a Final Note

To mitigate this current situation, food delivery applications should meet the spiking demand of the consumer. Hire mobile app development company or hire an app developer to develop the best food delivery application. Be safe at home and receive food without stepping out of the houses. Develop mobile applications and if you have any questions related to food delivery apps, feel free to contact us for any info. 

Stay home. Stay Safe. Save Lives

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