Based on the McKinsey Survey, nearly 77% of the CIOs consider a mobile-first approach using digital transformation. The next generation of customers and employees come with digital-native with greater familiarity with touch screen devices. Also, the business case for mobile apps continues to expand to nearly 85% of American adults who own smartphones.

Today the faster you launch your project, the quicker you would grow your business and earn better. This is all that matters. If you feel you won’t be able to manage and organize all complicated processes, then here’s the best method that helps to build an app. Additionally, it doesn’t matter if you make an iOS App, Android App or Windows application the development process remains the same. One needs to follow 5 easy steps that serve the purpose of a specific business. But in the end, each step helps save money by monetizing your investment as soon as possible.

Idea Creation

The goal is simple: both the business and development team are on the same page. We recommend focusing on three points during app development, it includes:

MVP – Minimum Viable Product

MVP is essential for a successful start. There are a lot of the MVPs used for several reasons, including:

  • It helps to gather relevant feedback from the market.
  • It gains initial users and finds adopters to purchase the basic product.
  • It helps to test marketing channels with ease.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to look for the external consultation on your MVP from UX designers, user researchers and people who aren’t affiliated with the product and team. The people add up unbiased views, different experiences and strong feedback.

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Things startups must know before launching MVP

Middle Term Vision

In this vision, one needs to consider three things covering:

  • What does it take to focus in the first year?
  • How fast would you progress?
  • How does one finance the whole business and software development?

Allocate the right number of resources from the beginning of the app development. On the other hand, we have a long-term vision from where you start preparing the data and backend for API integration and other mobile apps that you plan to build in the next phase.

Long Term Vision

It’s needed to write down points based on long-term vision. The general direction helps in choosing the right technology for development. Additionally, you would know how many dev apps teams you need in the long term and what skills one should have. In this step, one needs to have a proper plan for the tools and functionality with prioritizing the pre-MVP and post-MVP sprints. 


In this second step, sketching is done in a fantastic way that helps translate your ideas into paper. One gets clear UX sketch units where everything is on paper. Agile Infoways has the best mobile app development team who recommend adding short notes on paper to explain the functionality by sketching shapes to understand how the app would work. In this phase, one needs to make adjustments when required as it helps to make changes in the next stage of development.

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Wireframes created by UX designers work as a template for graphic designers to add visual elements. Few terrific wireframes come with more detailed sketches with additional screens.

  • Why is wireframing essential for big projects?
  • Wireframe reduces the project’s overall cost where it can still adapt to the change easily by interacting with your page with 0 budget.
  • Get a clear vision of each element and screen by adding specific actions using a wireframe rather than a Word document.  

Wireframe protects you from unwanted surprises if you have a misunderstanding with a web designer. Therefore, a proper wireframe makes it easy to avoid the problem.

One needs to begin testing your target audience by getting feedback from potential customers.

We are adding a UX designer to work on the wireframe and consult the product owner to minimize misunderstanding of functionality and purpose for both website and mobile applications. One can skip this sketching part to direct graphic design in a few cases, like small projects.

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Graphic Designing

The main goal of graphic designers is to pay attention emotionally and support a smooth user experience. Additionally, the designer’s goal is to create a visual consistency across the project. For example, Airbnb builds a visual language with actual font size and buttons. A few of the design tips cover:

  • Illustrate active and Inactive elements by finding out the difference between them.
  • Demonstrate buttons and use the same style where users know the element is clickable.
  • Show motion effects that change after an interaction.
  • Stay with one graphic style and not mix the 2D and 3D styles.
  • Use shadowing by keeping the uniformity across the web.

Coding and Programming

To launch any application, one prefers a front-end program that’s the most crucial part for your MVPs. If you do not focus too much on programming, you launch your app prototype much faster. After coding and programming, the product launch is done. The launch cycle begins with:

  • UI, UX, marketing and sales testing
  • Continuous development with adding other features
  • UI, UX, sales optimization and marketing
  • What to do after developing an app?

Develop the app, market it, and get started. There are a few things that one needs to consider with the development part of the app, it includes:

  • User Feedback: The user’s feedback plays a vital role in improving app performance. One can ask users to give you feedback on your application.
  • Maintenance: The main point of getting user feedback is whether you require maintenance or not in your app. There are three ways which maintain that you plan on updating your app. It covers:
  • Bug fixes: If you publish your app, it’s used by many people. One might find out a few app issues that need to be resolved.
  • Features Request: If you have an audience that expresses the issue and addresses them in future feature updates. Integrate the new feature in the app if the user demands them.
  • Major software updates: Whenever, there’s Google, or Apple launches a new software update, all you need is the app update that helps maintain your app with ease.

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How does it cost to build an app?

Mobile app development cost depends on what kind of app you want to build and on what platform. It also depends on what operating system you need in the app, along with features and other factors.

How long does it take to build an app?

The time it takes to develop an application would vary in the range anything from two to three weeks to a few months. Simple apps are made in a short duration, while complex applications require a longer time to build. Multiple factors need to be considered while estimating the app development timeline.

How do free apps help to make money?

There are various strategies used that help in monetizing your application. A few of them include:

  • In-app purchases
  • Paid-features
  • Subscriptions
  • Advertisements
  • Collecting and selling data

Let’s build an app for your business

A mobile app development initiative’s success depends on how effectively one executes the mobile development process. Much like another software program, app development is an ongoing process that supports mobile products after launch that help maintain their usage and reward high ROI.

At Agile Infoways, we offer mobile app development that supports companies across industries like healthcare, retail, finance, consumer products, industrial engineering and entertainment. We use a 100% US-based engineering team and expertise in mobile, VR, AI, cloud, and IoT. We help review the mobile app development process that makes the idea a successful app. Connect with us if you have a query regarding your mobile development or other digital initiatives.

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