We can’t deny that Mobile Application has taken the world by storm. Right from connecting with friends, booking tickets, shopping online, and various other activities done through mobile apps. We can say ‘Mobile phones are our better-half’ when it comes to Android Development or iOS Development. Slowly, all companies have started to include mobile apps to grow their small to large-sized businesses.

Some folks often get confused about whether they’ll get the best User Interface and User experience in one application or not. Are there any apps that are compatible with multiple platforms? The answer is yes, React Native Development is made only for you.

React Native helps you create mobile apps that work on JavaScript and support both iOS and Android platforms, where a developer needs to code once and can be used anywhere with saving a lot of development time. Backed by Facebook, today, React Native has broad community support.

Check how React Native has become popular over time.

React Native built on ReactJS, which gave a massive competition in the market. Mainly, React Native is a framework that creates a hierarchy of UI components to make the JavaScript code. React Native and ReactJS both are developed by FaceBook and work on the same principles. Let’s take a look over its history.

React Native Versions History

There are several stable React Native Versions available from 0.05 version to 0.61 versions. The most recent stable version created is react-native init command i.e., version 0.61. This React Native version releases the best part of native development and gives the best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

In the latest announced 6.1 React Native Version, the team has unified the existing live reloading and hot reloading feature into a single function called as ‘Fast Refresh.’ Here, Fast Refresh mainly comes with fully supported modern react, recover gracefully after typos, and doesn’t perform invasive code transformations.

Why React Native is Cost-Effective?

If you’re planning to hire React Native developer in India, then it is most likely to cost you less. Similarly, if you hire react native developers in the US or Europe, then it will cost you four times more in comparison to India. MarketsAndMarkets.com estimated that cross-platform is growing rapidly and expected to increase from $25.16 billion in 2015 to $80.45 billion in 2020.

Let’s understand in brief why React Native is cost-effective

  • Simple Integration :

Cross-platform mobile app built where React Native gives seamless integration using compatible apps. Moreover, it helps in reducing the extra effort required by mobile app developers. It helps in integrating the mobile apps with a native applications without effecting app performance.

  • Faster App Development:

React Native use native approach to develop and save approx 33% of overall app development cost. Mobile app rollout is faster, and so it requires fewer app developers.

  • Easier to Maintain:

The mobile apps build using React Native is easier to maintain and require less investment to be made. But this doesn’t work well with the native app as it needs regular updating and troubleshooting, so it becomes difficult to maintain. Whereas in React Native, cross-platform used, which can perform well without updating the version, which makes it easier to maintain.

  • Shorter Mobile App Development Time:

In React Native, the app developers are allowed to move the entire code between various platforms. It means that after the mobile app developed on Android, it can then compile in iOS within a minor frame.

  • Reusable Components:

React Native mobile app developers can reuse the components to compile directly between iOS and Android. React Native applications are very faster, easier, and cheaper, which can be create varieties of apps.

  • No Additional Resources:

As we know very well now that React Native based on cross-platform mobile apps where you need to code once, and it runs on all platforms. Which gradually brings down the cost of multiplatform mobile app development with React Native.

f you want to know how much does it cost to develop a React Native Mobile App, then Get a Quote. If you’re looking for affordable React Native Development Services, then have a look at some of its benefits.

Advantages of React Native

  • React Native saves time and speed up the development

We can call this an appealing side of React Native that builds your app once using JavaScript, and it works for two platforms without investing time and money. In fact, 90% of the code used across both iOS and Android platforms.

  • React Native is Free

React Native is open-source, which means all developers can utilize the framework and library for free. Moreover, it comes with the MIT license, so you can’t make source code public to share software. You can simply modify the software under any license.

  • Top Companies have used React Native

Do you think React Native is the right choice for Mobile app development? Yes, we are damm sure that React Native is the best open-source framework for mobile application development as it works well on its targeted platforms. Below we have a list of Top Tech Companies that use React Native to develop mobile apps.

  • React Native is easier to market

It is one of the best advantages as it allows you to bypass the market store approval process and can help you to make changes quickly. It means you can save up to 48 hours to the App store and up to 24 hours to Google Play.

  • React Native app development is faster as Native

React do perform better as Native. The mobile apps in Swift and React Native were almost similar to their speed and in physical appearance. However, it has shown poor results in terms of CPU usage. But React does feel like a native when it delivers a platform-specific UI.

  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language

React Native is written in JavaScript and is one of the most popular programming languages used for the last five years. Check the categories below which will give a clear idea about the usage of the JavaScript:

  • A most popular platform for mobile development

React developers don’t have to restart the complete package to see every little change. In React Native, they use a modern approach to run faster code during development significantly.

  • Supports Live and Hot Reloading

Don’t get confused with both Live and Hot Reloading as the two are different. Live reloading means it read the file where the customer is making changes. In contrast, Hot reloading means the HMR(Hot Module Replacement) will put the updated data into a specific place even when the app is running.

  • React Native app development supports Third-Party Plugins

React Native supports third-party plugins along with offering a couple of options that such as JavaScript modules and Native modules. If you want to implement a map in your application, then react-native will help you connect the plugin using a third-party module.

  • Well-Known for its Native Components and APIs

We cannot deny that React Native is a real asset and helps in improving the app performance through native control and modules. They are connected with native components and generate code to native APIs freely. One can make use of the different threads and can opt for webview, but this will decline its performance level.

  • React Native Library provides handy solutions

React Native gives the best ready-made library and solutions to simplify the mobile app development task. Additionally, this vast library is helpful for the developers wherein the testing library phase, the developers can create error-free codes.

What React Native Library you should use for your next project?

You don’t need separate developers to write code across the different mobile platforms, hire react native developers to do the job. Let’s look at few critical React Native Library that you can use for your next project.

Visual Studio code Ignite
ReduxsauceReact Navigation
In VisionEnzyme

It’s not surprising that React Native app development is getting more adoption in the community every day. So feel free to connect with Agile Infoways as we have expert React Native app Developers who can help you integrate all the functionality in your Android/iOS application. Find out the reason to choose our React Native Developers.

Why is React Native app development not Perfect for some of them?

As every technology comes with its cons, this React Native also comes with its limitation.

  • Very few developers relatively know React Native

When we compare native developers, we find very few RN developers , which means it’s a challenging task. Also, the developers need to know the native language to use the platform and its features.

  • Open-Source Libraries are still not well-tested

The technology is still new and not that stable to use widely. Also, it adds a complicated interface and low native performing developers. Moreover, the libraries aren’t well tested to have solutions for all problems as they can work as an advantage.

Take Away

If you want to develop a low budget and quicker application the React Native is the best fit for you. As nowadays, companies are moving forward to their projects by choosing the framework for the swift development of their apps.

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