Want to start your own company and become your own boss? If your answer is YES then there are plenty of sources available to take you ahead. For this, you need to have a unique IDEA and need to learn a lot before thinking of launching it into the real world.

Do you have a unique idea?

Everything Begins with an IDEA!


You have to wonder how that idea will invigorate 

The IDEA enriches from PEOPLE who aren’t afraid of thinking OUT-OF-THE-BOX.

Startup Statistics for 2020 –  The Number you Need to KNOW

The startup world is booming, and plenty of new businesses are going to be even better in 2020 due to mainly growing industries and technologies. Whether you’re planning to launch a business or make an investment, you need to consider below essential statistics.

  • US Small Business Administration researched – 50% of the businesses survive five years with employees
  • According to Global Entrepreneurship – More than 69% of American starts their businesses at home
  • National Federation Of Business stats – 64% of small business owners are currently hiring
  • According to Kellogg Insight – 60 Year start-up founder can get succeed 3 times than a 30-year-old founder
  • According to CB Insights- 40% of startup fails because they do not satisfy market needs
  • Guidant Financial reported- Nearly 78% of small businesses earned profits
  • US Small Business Administration study says- 30.7 million small businesses begin in 2019
  • Gallup stats- Nearly 77% of startups rely on personal savings for initial funds.
  • According to Guidant Financial- 34% of startups increased in the health, beauty, and Fitness industry in 2018.
  • Gruenderwoche says- There is nearly 189% increased growth seen in advanced manufacturing and robotics tech startups.

How to build a mobile app startup?

With the growing mobile app development market, more revenue generates. Below we have prepared a list of a few useful tips that’ll help to build a mobile app startup.

1. Find a problem to solve

  • What problem does a mobile app startup solve?

You have observed the statistics of failed mobile app startups, and then there is a majority of them who haven’t resolved yet. It is not likely to succeed in your long-term startup do not have an aim and solution to the problem. To stand out in the market, you need to have a solution that will solve your long-lasting problem.

  • Do you really want a mobile application?

Your idea doesn’t have a market value, and then there’s no point in making an app for it. You’ll find around 6 million apps available on the app store, so it seems impossible to create a unique one. However, there is still a chance to achieve success. Simply, you need to define potential users, know the targeted audience, and predict their needs.

2. Choose the platform

Before developing an application, you need to look at the market and how it is widely spread out. One needs to consider the location of the targeted audience and its local preferences. The image below shows the targeted audience in particular regions.

  • Programming Languages

This is the critical factor one needs to take care of before developing an app? If we think of Android App Development and iOS App Development, then these OSs support more than one programming language. Also, one needs to keep in mind the switching language criteria before choosing any programming language. However, Android supports several languages, but it’s not the same as iOS, so choose carefully.

Must read this one –Top 7 programming languages one should learn

  • Time and Cost

The cost is nearly the same for both iOS and Android. The only thing that differs is the testing time. Android comes with high specifications, so it takes a longer time to check the compatibility. With this, the QA scope increase, and parallel production cost increases.

  • Raise Funds

One can find various ways of funding platforms, so for any startup choosing the best method of financing is a must. Check a few sources below:

3. Prepare a Perfect pitch deck

It would be best if you had a perfect pitch deck to attract investors. Your pitch deck should give the outlook of your development plan and your promotional strategy. Your product description should grab attention, so use simple words, don’t complicate the presentation with statistics, and stick to your point.

4. Build an MVP to test your idea

MVP is essential for any startup business as it helps in figuring out whether your target audience contains crucial features. After you launch your MVP, you’ll get a clear idea about your targeted audience, who is really interested in your application or not. Users will get another benefit through MVP, such as Affordable Core Product, User Feedback, Quick Market Launch, and Product ready presentation.

Check out How to Configure Your Business Structure with Best MVP based IT Solutions

5. Promotion

After MVP, you need to deliver it to the targeted audience. Users will find different channels that promote your app easily using the various promoting application. One can use a promotion strategy to publicize your app in the most popular ways.

6. Social media marketing

Some entrepreneurs use social networks to increase the brand awareness and engagement of their applications. The below social channels will help in generating the leads, getting customer support, and reaching their business goals with ease.

7. Influencers

There are several advertising influencers are available that give the best experience to the users. If you’re looking for any influencers, then you can contact celebrities, industry experts, famous bloggers, or any micro-influencers. The influencers will have lots of followers, which will help you choose the right social network and will grow your business widely.

8. ASO – App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimization is one of the best SEO for applications. It helps users to find their app and improve app ranking on the Google play store. ASO increases app exposure and user engagement by ensuring that you can use features such as App name, URL, subtitle, Keyword, Reviews, and Rating with making your application stand out from the competition.

The process to make your startup successful with Mobile App Development

There is no direct method to make your business successful. But the closest way is to make your business digital by developing a mobile app. If we check the online scenario, there is almost 52% of the traffic comes through mobile devices. Observing past year, there us an increase of 57% of mobile usage, so hire a mobile app development company or invest in mobile app development to have a successful startup.

For creating a robust and functional mobile app, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. One needs to know about the right approach and challenges to overcome them. Here we have a few tips that’ll help startups to grow their projects.

  • Recognition of the user’s pain point

For any startup, it is highly advisable to understand the pain point of the users and create a solution that fixes the problems. Once the research team identifies the problems and pain, they can work on reaching the milestone by making your mobile app stand out from competitors.

  • Wireframe

A Wireframe is a kind of blueprint of the app that shows the picture of objects on the screen and their respective functionality. The wireframe is very important for a startup app development as it shows the wire-framing of your app and gives a better idea about what your app will look like. Once the wireframe completes, it can test later on.

  • Designing your App

This is one of the other ways to get success as a startup app development. This phase ensures that app design should look good and make your app development user-friendly. Hire mobile app developer and designer who will keep your app running successfully.

  • Build an MVP

The startup should mainly be more concerned about building an MVP rather than creating a complete version of the app. Most of the mobile applications that are successful today have concentrated on building an MVP for their application. Minimum Viable Product is a version of the app that comes with its features and addresses the core problems of users.

  • Monetizing your App

For any startup, it’s essential to strategize strongly in the area of monetization. It’s a vital part for any startup, so hire an app developer and explore monetization strategies such as paid apps, premium apps, and other in-app purchases.

  • Launch and market your app

The time will come when you’ll feel that you’re almost done with the development of your application then you need to strategize your app into the market. For any startup, it is advisable to go for marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media marketing, SMS marketing, and many more. It will help if you focus on the crucial thing that will give you the highest result.

Over to you…

Your digital journey doesn’t end here; your mobile app development lifecycle won’t stop after launching it. Only regular updates will improve app visibility and ensure to provide value to the user at every iteration. So to have long-lasting success, you need to keep enhancing your app by taking feedback from the user. Simply maintaining, updating, add new functionality in an ongoing process will make your mobile app a successful one.

If you don’t have any startup and are confused that does your business needs an application, then go through some of the points that’ll explain the keys to develop mobile app. 

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