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Full Reliability

The reliable system to perform secure transactions

Transparent Transactions

Full transparency in the transactions

Affordable Transactions

Very little cost for performing transactions

Direct Transactions

Efficient and direct transactions in between two parties

Our Blockchain Development Services Include


A Blockchain arrange comprises of different hubs having a place with diggers and a few hubs that don’t mine yet helps in execution of intense contracts and exchanges. These are known as Ethereum virtual machines. Starting Coin Offering regularly alluded to as ICO is altering the rising monetary model. It is an option raising support system for new businesses or new venture engineers to sell their crypto tokens in return for fiat or other cryptographic forms of money. Decentralized applications don’t really need to keep running over a blockchain organize. These blockchain based cryptographic tokens enable “distributed Internet tribes” to emerge. Smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain enable the conception of tokens with complex behaviors attached to them.

Top Benefits that Increase your Sales through Ethereum Transactions
  • Efficiency rate is much higher
  • Output can be increased as projected
  • Cost can be decreased with Supply Chain Management
  • The Cooperative level can be boosted up through communication
  • An improved collaboration of Business within the different areas
  • Now any of process will not be delay by mitigating late shipments

Hyper ledger Fabric

Hyper ledger Fabric does perform and scale nicely, given the right compute and networking infrastructure. However, it can also yield results that are inadequate for your application’s needs. As with any newish technology, the impacts on performance range from improper (or should I say unexpected) use, improper fabric application to software, and hardware bottlenecks to be addressed over time. One of the open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies by Hyper ledger Composer.The fabric was intended for developing solutions with a modular architecture. Hyper ledger allows the components to be plug-n-play.

Hire Blockchain App Developers for Secure Information
  • Data Protection and consistency as permission is granted to the member for a particular account
  • Transactions are purely Confidential provides with security and flexibility
  • Leverage the embedded logic in a smart contract is all by its network Programmable
  • No Cryptocurrency as it does not require mining
  • It helps to avoid fraud and double-spending
  • The work is done according to plans and on schedule

R3 Corda

Blockchain application development a fastest gaining traction across multiple industries. R3 Corda Application Development Company assists with Blockchainneeds and helps to uncover various roads whereby one can leverage Blockchain. Right from implementing cryptographic algorithms to auditing smart contracts, we at Agile Infoways do it all by our Blockchain Experts. Our approach to distributed Blockchain application development decentralizes the application basis your custom needs, with quality security and a network that facilitate to prove transactions. Blockchains are tested and deployed across several use cases of digital trust and exchanges in all industries, in and beyond cryptocurrencies, and as a With R3 Corda smart contracts backbone of trust informed.

Experience the most Suitable and Controlled App through Corda Expertise
  • It exceedingly useful for financial transactions
  • A distributed ledger gives control of all crucial information
  • All transactions to the users are promoted with transparency
  • It offers a way to securely and efficiently create a tamper-proof activity
  • The technology also facilitates increased back-office efficiency and automation

BigChainDB Database

The Scalable Blockchain Database is all that required as an advantage to lead in the competition. Imagine you had a database with every one of the upsides of an existing system – faithful, flexible and attempt tried by a great many clients. It likewise delighted in the new advantages Blockchain innovation brings, for example, adaptability and decentralization. That is BigChainDB, and it’s as of now changing the world. Blockchain Technology is changing how information motivates taken care of and disposes of complex work with Smart Work that to with wellbeing. BigChainDB is at the forefront of the revolution in the application development and we know as of know there is no better place to get started with along Agile Infoways.

Services that increase Security with BigChainDB Private Blockchain
  • When having a series of transactions, one can gain an accurate and immutable result
  • It has traditional blockchain benefits of decentralized control
  • So, hackers or compromised system admin cannot arbitrarily change data
  • Legally binding contracts and certificates may be stored directly on the blockchain DB
  • BigChainDB can sit side-by-side with other decentralized storage processing

Advantages of Using Blockchain in your Business

Private Blockchain

Revamp your business by obtaining a permission based private blockchain solution for cost effectiveness and higher security.

Supply Chain Management

Using Blockchain technology, improve the efficiency in supply chain management that will solve all issues.

Better Business Processes

Blockchain helps businesses by providing a transparent way to exchange data across all the networks simultaneously.

Public Blockchain

Integrate the decentralized, distributed and open access public blockchain technology to record your transactions details validated by a universally proven consensus Algorithm.

Health Recs Ready Patient Management Solution

Only User Can Access The Data

When OTP generate report will show and only user can access this data and rights to set who will update it and modified the data.

Smart Contracts

All hospitals will sign one smart contracts with help of this they can access same report from anywhere and of any patient

Add/Delete Report

When new patient comes hospital will add them as new record after that user have all rights to update the record and delete the record.

Patient Management

No need to manage hard copies of your reports and no need of get new report every time while you switch hospital. You can access your report from everywhere.

Update Report

This whole process happens in a single chain so, when anyone wants to modify Report new block generate and store updated data. With help of this, you can use your previous data if you want to use.

Qr Code / OTP

When patient change hospital. Report will store on one distributed database system. when any hospital want to see reports they need to scan QR code generated in users device and then OTP will generate and then they can access the report.


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Improved speed and efficiency

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