Why Choose Blockchain Development

    Full Reliability

    The reliable system to perform secure transactions

    Transparent Transactions

    Full transparency in the transactions

    Affordable Transactions

    Very little cost for performing transactions

    Direct Transactions

    Efficient and direct transactions in between two parties

    Supply chain has become a very vast but complicated industry. The payment processing faces huge delay and security issues between a manufacturer and a supplier, or a customer and a vendor. Contracts must be monitored and taken care of by lawyers and bankers, which accelerates excessive expenses and latency. Traceability of products and parts are often tough to manage, making defects difficult to eliminate. Whether for food products, industrial appliances, consumer goods or digital offerings, supply chains is facing a lot many issues. Participation of multiple entities in supply chain is a big problem. There are too many go-betweens. The uncertainty issue causes hindrance in the rise of the supply chain. Suppliers, providers and clients must deal via central third-party entities or central authorities, instead of directly with each other. There should be simple transactions turn into lengthy procedures into secure, decentralized and trusted manner. Blockchain could be very useful in solving these issues. Blockchain which has gained much hype recently in the cryptocurrency has capabilities to expand into various other sectors. Blockchain can be used for any kind of exchange, agreements, security or tracking. In a supply chain management system, it can be integrated into anything from self-executing supply contracts to automated goods or inventory management. Using the Hyper Ledger Burrow technology, permission based smart contracts could be built up between the valid affiliate parties which shall use the membership service to identify each other and could process a private transaction by generating a result which are then sent to the consensus cloud to be ordered and verified.

    Into the health care sector the main source of overwhelming costs are high administrative fees, treatments, medical fraud, overpriced medical tests and Drug unavailability. To overcome the above costs the blockchain technology could be helpful as it is trustless, immutable, decentralized and distributed along with which it provides mechanisms for detecting the data fraudity, unauthorized access or updation, communication, data availability, security and identity verification. By using the private blockchain network, various functionalities shall be obtained like: Clinical health data exchange Insurance claims settlements Shared data across the valid accessors. Medicine and drug supply management Research and Analytics Patient Identity Management Billing and Payment management Security and backups solving data loss issues Smart medical asset management Remote and autonomous diagnosis The Hyperledger Indy provides a distributed ledger, for decentralized identity. By utilizing the varied libraries, mechanisms and reusable components for building and utilizing self-reliant digital identities which shall firmly established on blockchains so that they are able to exchange and use information across administrative domains and applications. The distributed ledgers cannot be updated, it is necessary that use cases for ledger-based entity accurately consider foundational including scalability, trust model, productivity, components and privacy. For which this framework shall be well suited for created healthcare related solutions.

    Banking sector faces many issues in settling the transactions and claims, managing the data security of the monetary transactions, communicating with the various branches and monitoring the information being flowed into the system, they need to be very cautious about managing the ledgers and accounts, also handling the services like interests and loans and other financial provisions is very much tough to handling using a centralized authority. Hence the blockchain technology could ease out all these issues. The hyperledger burrow provides a secure container which could be used to generate the smart contacts between the customers and the banks which shall help in generating secure ledgers and a distributed environment for sharing the data to only authorized entities. The transaction records could be kept secure in the blockchain such that no one shall be able to alter the details and gain unauthorized access to the user’s financial information.

    A system that helps the various alike investors to search and invest in various kinds of real estate projects and boost up their investment value using the ethereum technology by forming and selling/buying property units with the help of smart contracts. A smart contract shall contain the information regarding the property. Has the list of the units it consists. The units that are owned by which user. The ownership of the units shall change on the basis of the buying and selling of the property unit. The price of each unit shall be number of ethers. And based on the demand and supply the user is able to view the change in the price of each unit.

    Advantages of Using Blockchain in your Business

    Private Blockchain

    Revamp your business by obtaining a permission based private blockchain solution for cost effectiveness and higher security.

    Supply Chain Management

    Using Blockchain technology, improve the efficiency in supply chain management that will solve all issues.

    Better Business Processes

    Blockchain helps businesses by providing a transparent way to exchange data across all the networks simultaneously.

    Public Blockchain

    Integrate the decentralized, distributed and open access public blockchain technology to record your transactions details validated by a universally proven consensus Algorithm.

    Health Recs Ready Patient Management Solution

    Only User Can Access The Data

    When OTP generate report will show and only user can access this data and rights to set who will update it and modified the data.

    Smart Contracts

    All hospitals will sign one smart contracts with help of this they can access same report from anywhere and of any patient

    Add/Delete Report

    When new patient comes hospital will add them as new record after that user have all rights to update the record and delete the record.

    Patient Management

    No need to manage hard copies of your reports and no need of get new report every time while you switch hospital. You can access your report from everywhere.

    Update Report

    This whole process happens in a single chain so, when anyone wants to modify Report new block generate and store updated data. With help of this, you can use your previous data if you want to use.

    Qr Code / OTP

    When patient change hospital. Report will store on one distributed database system. when any hospital want to see reports they need to scan QR code generated in users device and then OTP will generate and then they can access the report.

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