Apache Solr Search

    “Now Experience Modest Sanest Search Approach with Solr” - Solr Search Geeks

    Solr search has been proven to be an excellent enterprise business solution. Within a very short time period, our team has handled the entrepreneur level projects and succeeded to achieve the target with the smooth process of development.

    What’s Exceptional About Solr Search?

    • Since written in Java, Apache Solr produces both RESTful XML and JSON API, with which search applications are built.
    • Faceted Search and filtering
    • Auto-suggestions
    • Permits Multi-lingual keyword research
    • Enhanced full-text search qualities
    • Well Documentation
    • Expandable Plug-in architecture
    • Robust analytical capabilities
    • Highlighted code snippets
    • In-build security

    We Follow Very Simple Steps of Solr
    Apache Solr Search being the most popular and mature search server follows a “Global Search” approach. Solr customization and integration follows clean and flawless steps for any work-

    • Indexing
    • Querying
    • Ranking

    Are you looking for a mobile app solution for your business?

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    Apache Solr Search Development Services

    Plugin Integration and Set-up Assistance
    Index and Facete Configuration
    Solr Search customization
    Search Result Customization
    Rich text Documents Analytics
    Solr consultation

    Industry We Serve

    We have specialization in serving various industry verticals whether they are start-ups, small companies or huge enterprises.

    • Healthcare / Medical
    • Education / E-Learning
    • Ecommerce
    • Social Networking
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Food & Restaurant
    • Fitness
    • Retail
    • IoT
    • Manufacturing
    • Energy
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • On-Demand Solutions
    • Real Estate
    • Logistics & Distribution
    • Construction
    • Gaming

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