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    Hire Android Developers from Agile Infoways for crafting an Android App as per your business needs and improve your business reach globally. We understand today’s high demand of Android OS and that’s the reason which drives our developers to work hard in delivering the most sophisticated and attractive Android apps as per customers’ demand. Hire dedicated Android Developers in India and get the chance to build the best app for fulfilling your business needs. Our dedicated Android developers are skilled and experienced as they have worked on different projects for various industry sectors and crafted android apps of different styles. If you are looking for developing a customized Android App Solution in the USA and that too at a cost-effective pricing, you must hire dedicated Android developer from Agile Infoways.

    Why to hire dedicated Android Developers from us?
    • 100% dedicated Android Developers Team
    • Utilization of version control with Git
    • Responsible, reliable and dedicated Android developer’s staff
    • Common and shared structure in codebase across all teams
    • Proper code commenting and use of best practices in development
    • Availability of Android developer on phone, chat, email and Skype
    • Daily reporting on the status of client’s project

    Android Game Development

    Create Android Game from Agile Infoways who believes in client satisfaction and work hard to build visually appealing Android Games. We have huge forte in developing the most engaging and attractive Android Games. We are considered as the best Android Game Development Company in India, USA who is delivering stunning gaming apps worldwide. Our Android Developers are highly qualified in fulfilling clients’ needs and has full command on Android Game Development process. We are a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable Android Game Developers having all the skills to manage the Android Game App Development. Our developed apps are live on Google Play Store and has got millions of downloads instantly.

    Our Android Game Development Expertise Areas
    • We work on variety of game engines like Unity 3D, Unreal engine etc
    • We had build AR games using latest ARCore framework provided by Google.
    • We had developed VR games with the help of Unity Game Engine.
    • We had done Android Game Development in multiple programming languages like C++, C#, UnityScript and Lua.
    • We had used standard 3D modeling and animation tools like SketchUp, Autodesk Maya and Sculptris.
    • We are using both 2D and 3D game engines and framework.

    UI/UX Design

    We are working since 11+ years on Android App UI/UX Design and have designed many android apps for clients’ business. We are expert in Android UI/UX designing as our designers are highly creative and talented to work on this process. Our UI/UX App Designing services are so powerful and attractive that every customer will get full satisfaction after getting the services. Our designs for Android UI/UX are so impressive and highly interactive that customers’ can promote their mobile app. Our designers are so creative in color matching and this is the reason for the best Android UI/UX design. If you are looking for the best Android UI/UX Design Company in India, Agile Infoways is the best choice.

    • Our designers are highly talented and always make use of latest UI/UX trends like Material Design, Flat UI.
    • We use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Lightroom and GNU for Android UI/UX App Design.
    • Image Manipulation Program for Android UI/UX design.
    • Our designers build wireframe using MockingBot and illustrations with the help of Invision.
    • We follow designing techniques as per the official guidelines provide by Google for Android Platform.

    Android App Development

    We follow a clean and transparent Android Application Development process and focus on each minute step to deliver the client expected results. We craft genuinely effective Android Applications. Our apps are live on App Store and downloaded by millions people. Are you looking for Android App Development in India, you are probably at the perfect place. Our creative and skilled Android App Developers are filled with all the Android skills to deliver utmost satisfaction at clients’ end. We are the leading Mobile App Development Company who is serving thousands of clients with their specific mobile app development requirements.

    Our Expertise in Android App Development
    • We had built apps across all the Android platforms i.e. Android Phone, Tablets, and Android Wear.
    • We use best software architecture i.e. Model View Presenter Architecture.
    • Our focus lies in using only standardized IDE just like Android Studio.
    • Our developers use standard libraries like Dagger, Retrofit, OkHttp, Gson and RxJava.
    • We perform unit testing using libraries like JUnit and Mockito.
    • We do Android App Development in multiple languages like Java and Kotlin.
    • We focus on security using Encryption.
    • We had developed apps for social networking, cloud services, location-based services, telephony and connectivity, messaging, camera and multimedia.

    Custom Android App

    Our Agile Approach in developing Customized Android App is easy to understand for our all valuable clients. We are experienced at Customized Android App Development as per our valuable customers’ requirements. Our Android Developers are skilled in crafting different apps per their business needs with customized app design and development requirements. You will cost less when you will go for customized Android App Development as you will developed the app as per your wants. If you are looking for Customized Android App Development in India, we can help you in the entire manner and that too with awesome results.

    Our special focused area in Customized Android App Development
    • We perform proper emphasis on the reusability of code and well-tested software components.
    • Our developers are talented in performing Reskin and modification of the existing mobile app.
    • Our developers are focused and dedicated to develop Android App from scratch as per clients’ need.
    • We help small business and startups to implement their ideas by providing Customized Android App Development Solutions.
    • Product based approach for developing any Android app in customized mode.
    • Our Android Developers always upgrade to latest Android versions.
    • We use third party SDK integration such as Maps, Analytics, Advertising and Payment Gateways.
    • We also perform Third Party API Integration for customers’ Customized Android App Development.

    Support & Maintenance

    We offer full support and maintenance to our valuable clients on their Android App Development issues. You can get the full support on your Android App Development errors that our developers will handle properly. We follow the most reliable support and maintenance for your Android apps that is highly useful for keeping your app up-to-date and error free on the App Store. Our Android Developers makes full surety on the speed of the app and maintains it in a proper manner. For offering the best support and maintenance on users’ Android app, huge years of experience in required. Our Android Developers are super skilled and highly experienced to provide the required support and maintenance for all the client’s app.

    • Server monitoring
    • Automatic Backups
    • Security monitoring
    • Hosting & third party payment monitoring
    • Source code repository & versioning
    • Performance monitoring
    • App crash monitoring
    • Analytics monitoring
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    Our Best Android Apps that we had developed so far….

    IoT-Based Applications

    We had developed Home Automation Application that communicates with different hardware via wireless network.

    Material UI Design

    We had made this app for designing purpose which was given by Google itself to provide the better Material designing guidelines.

    Working with Firebase Database

    We are using Firebase Database which is provided by Google to manage the backend work and using this, we build the best Android Apps.

    Video Editing using FFMPEG

    In this app, we had a feature that helps to manipulate your created video using different things like you can add water marks, add video and audio effects. Also, you can combine two video or add video and image on 3D.

    Chat option with Media using Socket

    We had developed a real time message and file sharing app with the help of socket programming. In this app, we had added offline compatibility and cut off the dependency on third party library.

    Real Time Location Sharing using Socket

    Our developers come up with an awesome Android App, we crafted this app with a feature to share location in between multiple users using socket. This is mainly useful for tracking users’ activities on MAP.

    Attractive Image Color Filter

    We had developed this app for users who are very particular about their pictures. In this app, you can filter your image with different options and make it look more good and attractive using colors and background effects.

    Live Video Streaming

    In this app, using WebRTC protocol, you can communicate in between two clients in real time video.

    200+ Android Apps are live on Google Play Stores

    Build Android App from our skilled professionals who are developing apps with the latest development Android OS versions.

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