The Challenge
    • To develop an application that will provide suggestions to pay more money for their debt from saving and save more money by completing debt early.
    • To calculate and track user’s savings, expenses and give users an effective suggestion to complete the debt early.
    Our Approach
    • Debt savings provide easiest way to add debts, calculate debts, add savings and add expense with secure access of application.
    • User can see graphical representation of all their activities.
    • All information of user’s stored locally in encrypted format.
    • Debt save is smart to give effective suggestions to complete the debt early and save more money.
    The Results
    • Provided users with a clear financial picture of the elimination of debts.
    • Managing monthly expenses will become easy with the debt saving.
    • Avoiding paycheck and gaining financial security with debt saving.
    • Type of Work
      Branding, UX UI For Mobile App
    • Client
    • Industry
      Banking & Finance
    • Take a glance
    Mobile Ui