Technology stack
    • Language: Python
    • Framework: Django Framework
    • Front End Technology: HTML, javascript, jquery
    • Database : Mysql
    • Third-Party Package: Stripe, Mailgun
    • Easy Free Signup
    • Buy/Sell new products to the Catalog
    • Determine Rebate Rate
    • Opportunity to Innovative and Grow
    • Attract a Large number of Audience
    • Create Dynamic Rebate Campaigns
    • Allow Rebate Vouchers in Pattern
    • Achieve Top rank on various categories
    • Get New Deals Added daily
    Rebaid for Buyers
    • Rebaid is the fastest-growing launch platform for all e-Commerce store. Browse through hundreds of products and purchase products with excellent Rebate discounts. Choose your seller, claim your Rebate offer and make easy purchases. Confirm your Rebate with Single click order number Confirmation.
    Rebaid for Sellers
    • Get easy signup with submitting basic information. Add your product with a covering picture, rating and campaign name. Create Rebate offer and determine the % along with setting the campaign duration. Pay on the first day and get your campaign live with available to tons of audience within 2 hours.
    • Category
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