The Challenge
    • To come up with a concept for the app which will be a file / photo / video storage app with no cloud.
    • To design it in a way that is help end users to understand app benefits.
    • User should easily get the difference it is making for storage as an utility application
    Our Approach
    • To come up with a design which focuses on the data and shows accurate benefits through data.
    • We took approach of minimal design and had made flow such that one screen has not more than two actions.
    • We played with Typography using different weights and used only one colour as highlighter in application with a primary colour white.
    The Results
    • Easy to use application with a track of data in your mobile.
    • one click and you can boost your mobile data without the bound of cloud connect.
    • Type of Work
      Branding, Mobile Apps
    • Client
    • Industry
      Database Entry
    • Category
    • Take a glance
    Mobile Ui