The Challenge
    • Need to develop application for multiple platform.
    • App should sync once with server.
    • App should work even when there is no internet connectivity.
    • Single user progress management.
    • Notification management for incomplete course.
    Our Approach
    • Multi platform selection of framework for hybrid application.
    • Download everything from server at the first time and save locally to run offline.
    • Update and display each user progress in local database.
    • Use third party plugin for local notification.
    The Results
    • Great achievement as we desired.
    • Finally we developed application using phonegap as the programming framework and ionic as the design framework.
    • At the very first time with internet connection we downloaded everything and saved into SQLITE local database.
    • Updated each user progress and activity into respective tables and displayed the same in HTMLs.
    • For incomplete course local notification we have used third party plugin.
    • Type of Work
      Hybrid App Development
    • Client
    • Industry
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