The Challenge
    • To develop a website that will manage all the order process.
    • To manage all the orders in the map view.
    • To send email and SMS as per orders in user, driver, laundry.
    • To manage order placing with the payeezy payment gateway.
    Our Approach
    • We handled the UI which had the easiest interface to use and take full care of UX.
    • We suggested client to use WordPress.
    • We took full care of admin, driver, laundry attended on the user dashboard.
    The Results
    • The website built in WordPress platform.
    • The website has a good theme for the system.
    • Users easily place washing order using the website.
    • The website is easy for users and employee to manage and use.
    • Type of Work
      Branding, UX UI For Website
    • Client
    • Industry
    • Category
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