Started from online confession pages, we wanted to make it easier for users to post their confessions and chat with fellow school friends. It allows you to quickly post any confessions that may randomly come up. The application have had tons of positive people saying some great things, that everyone can agree with. Sometimes these things are funny, sometimes serious, but almost always these confessions are revealing about someone you know! Stay anonymous, you can keep your identity hidden if you wish, and post or comment on things happening in and around your school. We suggest keeping things positive, but shouting out to your friends or complimenting your fellow classmates.

    • Profile - change your user name anytime you want, or choose a avatar that best fits your character.
    • Cities - right now we have Calgary schools, but will be adding Edmonton schools in the next couple of weeks.
    • Spread the world through social media
    • Your School - all schools are listed by location, so the closest school to you will always be at the top. This makes it easier for you to find your school, and start chatting with your friends.
    • Swipe - designed to be used one-handed, we have enabled swipe on all the pages that have icons in the top of the page. So you can swipe left or right for a action.
    • Quick Reply - we put this on the bottom of the page, so you can one-handed reply quickly.
    • FaceBook Share - found a interesting confession, or topic? Just share it onto facebook!
    • Voting - vote for your favorite confession, but you can always vote down any confessions you don't like.
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