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UI UX, Mobile Apps, Website
The Challenge
  • Design the database that will handle thousands of individual patients getting the tele-health services from multiple doctors associated to different organizations.
  • Managing the features and access rights for the organization members as per the package purchased.
  • Create an online presence for all the organization.
  • Constantly getting in touch with their patient.
Our Approach
  • Followed normalization of the database and used service reference concept in development to get the result faster.
  • Build programs (E.g Eat less salt, Manage your weight). This will send email / SMS on each day providing them with healthy tips as per the program they joined.
  • URLrewrite concept used to create online presence of each organization. This page describes its services & other basic information in predefined well formatted page.
The Results
  • Live Chat & Video conferencing. Any user can integrate with other user with the help of chat & video conferencing.
  • Online Booking & Inquiries. Patient can search for service and make a booking / inquiry with any organization providing that service.
  • Health Record. Records your health measures and remind for the medication needs to be taken.
Type of work

UI UX, Website Development




Health and Medical Fitness, Microsoft .Net, Social Networking

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