The Challenge
    • To become a well known car rent company in Saudi Arabia.
    • To feature people for discovering the best price for a car rent in Saudi Arabia.
    Our Approach
    • Book the nearest car at the lowest price.
    • App will find you the right hire car in right place at the best price.
    • Pick your car up with your mobile.
    • The app is available in two languages (Arabic, English)
    • The App allows you to deal with domestic and international leasing companies in Saudi Arabia.
    • Every booking, Every driver, Every credit card, our car hire app stores all information securely, so you don't need to re-enter your details every time when you hire a car.
    The Results
    • Users love the app and find super easy to book a cab at lower prices.
    • Type of Work
      Mobile App
    • Client
      Eazy Cars
    • Industry
      Travel & Hospitality
    • Category
    • Take a glance
    Mobile Ui