Cryptocurrency Analysis

Cryptocurrency Solution
The Challenge
  • To build a solution for various coins in different Cryptocurrency exchange.
  • A system that collects ticker poll, order book, public trades, and more to study overall data.
  • We need real-time data in various format that to be operated as per our need and store in a database.
Our Approach:
  • We came with a solution that has collected data from various exchanges like Binance, CoinBase(GDAX), Bittrex, Kucoin, Bitstamp, hitbtc, and more.
  • We are using Web Sockets as well as REST API call as needed and provided by various exchanges for authentication and authorization.
  • Undertaken a study how Bitcoin market works and how revenue is generated using various coins.
The Architecture:
  • We are using micro service base architecture to get application that works with N number of exchange. each exchange API will work as separate service and if anyone fails
  • If incase API for separate service fails, will not impact on another services.
  • Worked for Web socket: Spring boot, Spring web sockets, storing data hibernate5, and more.
  • Communication and data manipulation: Apache Kafka, Apache Kafka streams
  • Database: influx DB(time series database), Postgres SQL
  • Containerization tool: docker, docker swarm
  • Logging tool: ELK Stack, Log4j. API Gateway: Kong
The Results:
  • Fulfilled with clients’ vision to create a solution for studying various coins in different Cryptocurrency exchange.
  • With constantly working on this application we satisfied client and deliver best solution with scalability.



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