Buzz - Event Manager for Organizers is an awesome tool for any event organizer who wants to easily manage their events and attendees on the go. This powerful app allows you to view key stats and measure your event’s buzz in real-time; quickly scan tickets to check in attendees and monitor event capacity as attendees check in. You can even send real-time notifications to attendees, isn’t that awesome!

    Key Features
    • Event dashboard - Monitor live ticket sales, revenue and attendee checked-ins at a glance.
    • Live activity feed - See who’s buying tickets or wish listing your event in real-time.
    • Ticket sale notifications - Get push notifications instantly when tickets are sold.
    • Manage attendees - Browse the full attendee list with details of each booking or search by name and check them in.
    • Scan tickets - Check-in your attendees with ease using the integrated ticket scanner.
    • Detect fraud - Automatically check for duplicates when scanning tickets and mark suspect users.
    • Communicate with your attendees - Send important updates to your to your attendees via instant push notifications.
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