• May 16, 2019
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    Step 1

    The Challenge

    • Image and Video Filters on moments without making device hang.
    • Upload process of moments should be in background.
    • Load the moments on Map based on change of region without freezing App.
    • Completing app in tightest timeline.
    Step 2

    Our Approach

    • The whole library was created by us with the help of SCRecorder for filters.
    • Thread management played a crucial role here to take care of background upload process.
    • We created some of classes that manages loading of the moments based on region changes and also manages clusters on map.
    • To achieve the tightest timeline every small point was targeted to achieve the goal, and each milestone date was decided to complete everything on time.
    Step 3

    The Results

    • After great source of good management work app was live on given time limit.
    • More than 500 app sets were downloaded in a single day.