• May 16, 2019
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    Step 1

    The Challenge

    • They specialize in providing industry-prepared courses and “nanodegrees” to help students learn the skills they need to get a job.
    • They challenged us to create an experience that elevates Ufaber from the sea of ed-tech startups and wake up to a whole new world of learning with personal attention from best instructors.
    Step 2

    Our Approach

    • Care was given to create a visual identity that scales and co-brands well.
    • Messaging centers around empowerment, accessibility, academic excellence, and digital literacy.
    • The experience of the website was kept modern and easy-to-understand approach to education.
    Step 3

    The Results

    • A unique learning environment designed to get you best results.
    • Implementing clear interactions with clean design elements, we’ve created a website that aligns with the caliber of courses provided by Ufaber.