Tuputupu Kids

    • May 16, 2019
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    Step 1

    The Challenge

    • This had to be easy to use for the administrator as well as for the users.
    • There needed to be a shopping cart as well as the Activities and Resources listed which users can download.
    • The membership of users should be standard membership with Paypal
    • The website needed to have a standard blogging platform.
    Step 2

    Our Approach

    • We handled the UI which had the most easy to use interface and the UX taken care of in the same manner.
    • We suggested the client to have wordpress used.
    • This took care of Blogging, Shopping cart, and posts.
    • The Paid membership pro plugin helped us to get subscription taken care of.
    Step 3

    The Results

    • The website has a good theme carried out for Kids.
    • This allows us to convey the message of how we want the users to look at us.
    • The standard wordpress plugins take care of all the functionalities that are already available ready-to-use.