Smart Watch Face

    • May 16, 2019
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    Step 1

    The Challenge

    • To develop interactive and personalized watchface app for Android powered smartwatches which would facilitate users to view time, weather and notification information.
    • User should see this information quickly at glance and the information must be in real time.
    • The app should be highly customizable and can be configured from the mobile phone.
    Step 2

    Our Approach

    • Spent a lot of time in making a final design of the watch face and how it will get fit in tiny smartwatches.
    • Customized watch faces with different color and design.
    • We had used OpenWeatherMap API for getting real time weather information.
    • Design a mobile app that uses Android Wear DataMap to synchronize watch face settings between SmartWatch and mobile device.
    • In the watch face the color and design settings can be configured from the mobile app.
    Step 3

    The Results

    • Smart Watchface received more than 1000 downloads on Google Play Store with above 4 stars in review.
    • Users praised the ability to view quick information and customize watch faces.