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An interactive e-learning mobile application

Adding ease and convinience to e-learning for enhancing skills

TutorOn has completely revolutionized e-learning! Paying for a tutor has never been easier. Scroll through the content, difficulty and frequency of your choosing.

You will have the ability to manually manage the restrictions enforced on your Student’s device during the prompts. This will allow your Student to make learning their priority.

Client's problem statement

Transforming student's screen time to a fruitful e-learning experience

Increasing number of students are spending more time on their mobile devices instead of studying, which is negatively impacting their academic performance.

The school administration is concerned about this trend and is looking for a solution to restrict the usage of the students’ devices during school hours and inform parents about their activities to ensure they are not distracted from their studies.

Parents monitor on boys activities


  • Students may find ways to bypass the restrictions placed on their devices, making it difficult for the school to monitor their activities

  • The restrictions may be too strict and limit students' ability to use their devices for legitimate educational purposes

Tutor on Solutions


  • We have implemented a notification system on the parent’s device if the student has not opened the application for a specific period of time

  • Developed a customized app that can be installed on students' devices, which allows the parents to monitor their activity and limit access to non-educational apps and websites

  • Provide scheduled prompts to the students that encourage them to complete the tasks to use the device for the specific time limit.

  • Parents can choose the subjects and the intervals for the prompts to be passed on the student device


Explore the key features driving success in this project

Customized app

The app could allow parents to monitor their child’s device activity and set restrictions on non-educational apps and websites. Parents could choose which apps and websites to block and set time limits for device usage. The app could also provide reports on which apps and websites their child has been using and for how long.

Customized app

Scheduled prompts

The app could include a feature that reminds students to complete their educational tasks after a specific period has passed. Parents could choose which subjects the prompts relate to and set intervals for how often the prompts should be sent.

Scheduled prompts

Parental controls

The app could allow parents to manage device restrictions from their own devices. This could include the ability to adjust time limits and content filters and track device usage over time.

Parental controls

Notification system

The app could send a notification to the parent’s device if the student has not opened the educational application for a specific period. The notification could include information about the last time the student used the app and remind the parent to check in with their child.

Notification system


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