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    Inventory management with integrations

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Elevate inventory management with seamless integrations and real-time insights

The platform primarily aims to streamline inventory management, offer real-time stock updates, facilitate forecasting, and enhance stock analysis. It ensures mobile accessibility for smartphones and tablets and integrates seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled physical hardware, like ring scanners. It utilizes APIs like SKU Labs, ShipStation, and WooCommerce REST to verify barcodes, update product information, and manage stock in real-time.

The platform’s scope includes product management, enabling users to search, scan, and perform various inventory-related actions. This involves product exploration, movement, and receiving with real-time location updates. Forecasting is a key feature, leveraging historical sales data to provide accurate stock demand predictions.

Client's problem statement

Build a scalable inventory management platform

Develop a mobile-optimized inventory management platform that provides real-time stock updates and integrates with Bluetooth-enabled hardware to streamline stock analysis and forecasting.

Create an advanced inventory management platform through needs assessment, responsive mobile design, Bluetooth and API integration (SKU Labs, ShipStation, WooCommerce REST), real-time updates, stock analysis algorithms, rigorous testing, user training, security measures, iterative improvements, and scalable deployment with ongoing support.



  • Different mobile devices have varying screen sizes, resolutions, and hardware capabilities. Ensuring a consistent user experience across all devices can be challenging.

  • Bluetooth-enabled hardware may have different standards and compatibility issues, depending on the device and manufacturer.

  • Integrating multiple APIs, each with its own documentation and data formats, can be complex and time-consuming.

  • Maintaining real-time updates and synchronization can be challenging, especially when dealing with a large number of users and devices.

  • Managing inventory data and handling Bluetooth connections requires robust security measures to protect against data breaches and unauthorized access.

  • As the user base and inventory data grow, ensuring scalability and maintaining platform performance can become challenging.



  • Implement responsive web design principles, and thoroughly test the platform on a range of devices to ensure compatibility.

  • Work closely with hardware manufacturers to ensure compatibility and provide clear guidance on which hardware is supported. Implement thorough testing with different Bluetooth devices.

  • Develop a well-structured integration layer that abstracts the complexity of interacting with various APIs. Ensure robust error handling to deal with API changes or issues.

  • Use efficient real-time data streaming technologies, such as WebSockets or server-sent events, to push updates to clients in real-time. Implement server-side throttling and load balancing to handle high traffic.

  • Implement secure authentication and authorization mechanisms for users. Use encryption to protect data during transmission. Regularly update security protocols to stay ahead of potential threats.

  • Use cloud-based infrastructure that allows for automatic scaling. Monitor system performance and optimize databases and server components for high loads.


Explore the key features driving success in this project

Mobile optimization

A responsive and user-friendly interface optimized for smartphones and tablets to ensure easy access and efficient stock management on mobile devices.

Mobile Optimization

Bluetooth hardware integration

Seamless compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled physical hardware, such as ring scanners, for barcode scanning and efficient stock management tasks.

Bluetooth Hardware Integration

Real-time stock updates

Continuous monitoring and instant updates of stock quantities to reflect changes in real time, ensuring accurate inventory management.

Real-time Stock Updates

Product management

Comprehensive product management capabilities, including the ability to search by product name, brand, UPC, or SKU, and scan products using Bluetooth hardware.

Product Management

Stock receiving

Streamline the process of receiving incoming products by scanning, verifying authenticity using the SKU Labs API, and updating inventory quantities automatically.

Stock Receiving

Demand forecasting

Analyze historical sales data to provide accurate demand forecasting for various timeframes, considering factors like current stock levels and user preferences.

Demand Forecasting


A dedicated notifications section that consolidates important alerts, including low-stock warnings and system notifications, allowing users to stay informed and take prompt actions.



Explore the unique and interactive interface

Skinmedix Design Image
Skinmedix Product
Skinmedix Inner Product
Skinmedix Forecasting

Tools & technologies

  • Node

  • Angular

  • MongoDB

  • AWS

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