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    Electronic device tracking

Next-generation energy management platform

Enhanced device monitoring with smarter connectivity

The QLens Plate facilitates seamless communication between Solar and QSense hardware devices, enabling real-time data transfer and graphical representation.

It ensures continuous monitoring with instant notifications for any detected issues or troubleshooting needs, ensuring efficient device management on the QLens platform.

Client's problem statement

Need a real-time device tracking solution

Our client demands a robust and scalable application with stringent security measures. The application must proficiently manage extensive datasets for tracking individual devices.

Real-time communication between hardware devices and the QLens Application is imperative, coupled with real-time graphical representations of tracked device data to ensure prompt and accurate monitoring.



  • Balancing complexity and flexibility to meet diverse client security needs efficiently.

  • Ensuring seamless real-time data synchronization and scalability across diverse web and mobile platforms.

  • Integrating MQTT, Kafka, and MQTT Source Connector to facilitate seamless communication between hardware devices and the QLens Platform.



  • Implement a modular role management system with configurable permissions and audit trails for comprehensive access control.

  • Develop a robust SignalR architecture with load balancing and efficient message handling to optimize real-time communication performance.

  • Design a unified communication framework leveraging MQTT for lightweight IoT device messaging, Kafka for scalable event streaming, and MQTT Source Connector for reliable data ingestion into QLens, ensuring efficient data flow and processing.


Explore the key features driving success in this project

Realtime communication

Effective and run-time communication between hardware device and QLens platform is needed for optimization.

Realtime communication between Hardware device and QLens Platefrom

Graphical representation

Lucid and highly graphical representation of real-time device tracked data.

Graphical representation of realtime device tracked data


Fully-customized role permission feature for easy personalization.

Fully customized role permission feature


Explore the unique and interactive interface

QLens Design Image 1
QLens Design Image 2
QLens Design Image 3
QLens Design Image 4
QLens Design Image 5
QLens Design Image 6
QLens Design Image 7
QLens Design Image 8
QLens Design Image 8
QLens Design Image 10

Tools & technologies

  • .Net

  • React Native

  • Angular

  • MySQL

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