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Seamless Healthcare at your fingertips: NextBillion App

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Seamless Healthcare at your fingertips: Next Billion App

Empowering patients, transforming care with seamless surveys & personalized insights

Transforming patient care through data by easy segregation, analysis and optimization of patient details.

This software empowers patients, streamlines data collection, and personalizes care. Collection of medical information via survey links, analyzing data automatically, and generating tailored recommendations are a few features. Optimization of patient cares for better health outcomes with our intelligent system.

Our software gives patients the power to take control of their healthcare journey while simplifying the process of gathering medical information. Through survey links, we collect data and automatically analyze it to generate personalized recommendations. By optimizing patient care, we strive to achieve improved health outcomes with our intelligent system.

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Client's problem statement

To streamline Healthcare data and say goodbye to paper forms and manual entries

When gathering patient medical data, physicians may use physical paper survey forms that patients can fill out manually. However, this approach can result in a time-consuming process for the patient and physician.

The physician must retain the paper documents related to the survey data and manually review the information to recommend a care plan, leading to potential delays in treatment.

Healthcare Next Billion App


  • Patient data is highly sensitive, and it is critical to ensure that it is protected from unauthorized access.

  • The system should be designed to follow HIPAA regulations to ensure that the patient data is secure.

  • Integration with various medical systems, such as EHRs, to obtain the patient's medical history and other relevant information.

  • The data collected from patients may be incomplete or inconsistent, leading to inaccurate analysis and recommendations.

  • The system should be user-friendly and easy to use, especially for patients who may not be technically savvy.

  • The system should be able to handle a large volume of patient data as the user base grows.

Healthcare Next Billion App


  • Use secure coding practices and incorporate appropriate security measures such as encryption, access controls, and authentication protocols.

  • We have designed a system that is compatible with various data formats and integrates seamlessly with other systems.

  • Data validation checks and provide feedback to the patient if there are missing or inconsistent data.

  • We have designed the system which is a user-centered approach, incorporating user feedback and usability testing.

  • We have designed the system with scalability in mind, including using scalable databases and cloud infrastructure.


Collection of the patient's complete data required for analysis

Effortlessly gather and consolidate the patient’s data for analysis. Our software simplifies the data collection, ensuring healthcare providers have access to all necessary information for informed decision-making and superior care delivery.

Next Billion Feature view patients submitted survey data

Auto-analyze the patient's data and recommend the care plan

Experience the power of automation as our software seamlessly analyzes patient data and generates personalized care plans. Healthcare providers get actionable insights, streamlining the care planning process for efficient and effective treatment.

Next Billion Feature Collect the patients data

Review patients submitted survey data for further analysis

Delve deeper into patient responses easily as this software enables a convenient view of submitted data. Healthcare providers can perform in-depth analysis, identify patterns, and refine their care strategies, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Next Billion Feature Auto analyze the patients data

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