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Your gateway to endless real estate possibilities

Discover, connect and succeed

This mobile app is designed to link licensed professionals seeking paid services with trusted counterparts. This app opens doors to fresh opportunities that might have otherwise been overlooked. With Doors Open Connect, professionals can extend their reach, saving precious time while generating new leads and prospects.

This platform opens up fresh opportunities that might have been overlooked in the past. Doors Open Connect enables agents to be present in multiple locations simultaneously, saving precious time and generating new opportunities and leads. It serves as a valuable tool for fostering networking and organizing events that bring professionals together.

Client's problem statement

Solution for licensed professionals to connect with trusted experts

We aim to create a seamless solution that empowers licensed professionals to effortlessly connect with trusted experts, opening doors to new opportunities they might have previously missed. By enabling agents to virtually be in multiple locations simultaneously, we seek to save valuable time and resources while fostering the generation of fresh opportunities and leads.

Ultimately, our mission is to provide professionals with a valuable tool that not only streamlines the process of finding paid services but also serves as a powerful platform for networking and event organization. Through Doors Open Connect, we aspire to revolutionize the way professionals connect, collaborate, and succeed in their respective industries.

Door open Challenges


  • Real estate professionals may struggle to connect and collaborate with others in the industry due to the limited networking opportunities available. This can hinder their ability to expand their business and find new clients.

  • Real estate professionals often have busy schedules and may find it challenging to attend networking events or meet with potential clients in person, particularly if they are located in different areas.

  • Finding reliable professionals for paid services. It can be time-consuming and difficult to find reliable professionals for paid services such as photography, home staging, or legal services.

Door open Solutions


  • Doors Open Connect creates a platform that connects real estate professionals, providing them with an opportunity to network and collaborate.

  • By offering virtual events and paid services, Doors Open Connect enables professionals to attend networking events and offer services from the comfort of their own office.

  • The platform includes a rating system that allows professionals to rate their experience with other professionals they have worked with in the past.


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Manage MLS properties

Effortlessly oversee your MLS properties with intuitive management tools.

Manage MLS properties

Manage nearby events for the real estate properties

Stay in the loop with nearby real estate events for informed decision-making.

Manage nearby events for the real estate properties

Community chat to provide news and updates

Stay connected and informed with the community through interactive chat for news and updates.

Community chat


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Your gateway to endless real estate possibilities
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From fields to fingertips: Empowering farmers & artisans

From fields to fingertips: Empowering farmers & artisans

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