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Easy healthcare monitoring app

An app syncing patient data from wearables for personalized treatment

Connected care, immersed in population health research, data science and product development. By integrating state-of-the-art sensor technology, mobile apps & AI, we help people receive better care to achieve their health goals.

Motivating users towards improving their wellness, assessing risk for diseases and connecting patients to their care team for better care management and timely interventions, we help people improve their health outcomes and quality of life.

Client's problem statement

Simplify follow-ups to ease patient inconvenience and enhance medication adherence.

Patients currently face the burden of physical clinic visits, waiting in queues, and filling out paper forms for follow-ups. Streamlining this process can alleviate patient inconvenience and improve medication adherence.

Patients struggle to remember medication details in the current process, affecting adherence.

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  • It must comply with HIPAA to safeguard patient data and prevent from breaches or unauthorized access.

  • This platform faces integration challenges with diverse healthcare systems and data sources due to varying formats and standards.

  • This platform will employ advanced sensors for health data, but errors like inaccuracies or interference may occur.

  • This platform needs to be user-friendly and accessible to patients, many of whom may not be technically savvy.

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  • We've ensured robust privacy and security in their software with features like encryption and access controls.

  • Our adaptable data integration strategy uses APIs and protocols to connect with diverse systems, various formats and standards.

  • Our algorithms and quality control, with machine learning and AI, ensure accurate sensor data by identifying and correcting errors.

  • We have designed their platform with a user-centered approach, incorporating user feedback and usability testing.


Explore the key features driving success in this project

Wearable data tracking

Track patient’s data using Fitbit or Apple watch

health data system generates the wellness score

Easy data report generation

Show all patient’s data on various graphs which are easy to understand for the doctors.

medicine, exercise or any other action that patient needs to take

Periodic reminders for patients

Reminder about medicine, exercise or any other action that patient needs to take.

patient_s data on various graphs which are easy to understand for the Dr

Wellness score generator

Based on the patient’s health data system generates the wellness score.

Track patient_s data using Fitbit or Apple watch


Explore the unique and interactive interface

Track patient_s data using Fitbit or Apple watch
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Technology Stack

  • Node

  • Angular

  • React Native

  • MySQL

  • MongoDB

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Secure & reliable comprehensive healthcare portal.

Effective patient records management

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