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Experience the nectar of knowledge with Akshar Amrutam.

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Nourish your soul with the divine elixir of knowledge - Akshar Amrutam

Unlock the wisdom of spirituality with Akshar Amrutam - Your gateway to spiritual bliss

The main idea behind the Akshar Amrutam is to develop an app that contains three main sections like Kirtan, Katha and Audio Books. Within each panel it comes with several separate panels that help to move from one section to another.

The Akshar Amrutam app has various sections, including Kirtan, Katha, and Audio. Each section has separate panels with different offerings such as daily rituals, discourses of sadhus, and detailed Jivan Charitra of Bhagwan Shri Swaminarayan.

Client's problem statement

Client would like to create one single/centralized source from where all devotees can listen to Kirtan/Katha anytime.

The client’s goal is to create a single, centralized source where all devotees can access Kirtan and Katha recordings at any time. This project is particularly significant because the client has collected over 8000 audio recordings over the last 40 years. These recordings represent a vast amount of knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual teachings that the client wishes to share with the community.

Creating a centralized source for these recordings would make it easier for devotees to access and listen to Kirtan and Katha at their convenience. It would also allow the client to organize and manage the large volume of recordings more efficiently. To achieve this, the client may need to digitize and organize the recordings to ensure that they are easily searchable and accessible.

audio book


  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX that can be easily navigated by all age groups.

  • Discover and customize a playlist according to the requirements of the users

  • Download tracks to play offline without an internet connection in case of travelling

  • Customizable home screen to get a feeling of personalization

Solution music


  • Developed an interactive and user-friendly UI/UX suitable for all age groups.

  • Customizable and downloadable playlists for each user's unique choices

  • Enabled offline access of the app with downloadable content.

  • Option and flexibility for customization of home screen to each user.


Explore the key features driving success in this project

Complete customization of the entire home screen

This app offers a tailored home screen that is easily customizable by the user to match the varying requirements.

Complete customization of the entire home screen

Easy search

Search for a kirtan by its singer’s name or album

Easy search

Lyrics availablility

Sing along with the Gujarati lyrics of the kirtan, with English transliteration wherever available.

Lyrics availablility


Explore the unique and interactive interface

notification page
Kirtan page
Home Design

Tools & technologies

  • Swift

  • Kotlin

  • Firebase

  • Node

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