In the life of a business, everything is about the core product or services. Then things get complicated once you gain traction and begin the scaling process. The task that your team handles without any trouble becomes major time sinks that can distract you from the core business. Outsourcing is the secret weapon for them that helps startups carry on clean, efficient and simple tasks.

Let’s say scaling a startup feels like a lot of doing is required. Time and personnel are limited, but onboarding, hiring, and training quality talent takes time to do correctly. Also, a few paradoxes push many founding teams into wearing too many hats as they try to do it all alone. We do not recommend this as it leads to fatigue and inefficient startup business growth. Or else one may suffer from quality and precision to get limited attention. For this, one needs outsourcing. Let’s dive in to get a better idea.

There are businesses that stripes outsource, but Startup is extraordinary and well-positioned to reap the benefits. One can start with three bowling that keeps getting tossed into the mix as you grow. It can be human resources, legal counsel, data analysis, advertising, customer service, etc. One can outsource virtually new and non-core business tasks. The growing companies add 90% of the firm sites that outsource crucial to their growth. It comes with benefits of outsourcing for startups, including growing stage like:

The first few phases are unpredictable for startups, but growth is necessary. Yet hiring permanent employees early can add up to the high financial commitment. Let’s say, for example, your business is booming, and you need new hiring, but the storm settles, and things regress toward the mean. You have unsustainable payroll costs exceeding the revenue percentage you devote toward personnel. However, outsourcing can increase the output without increasing fixed costs. If you want more productivity and an extensive advertising push, get an agency that can quickly handle your outsourcing services. 

Investor Interest
Outsourcing is attractive to investors, and outsourcing early is efficient and agile for any startup. Thus, it helps to succeed in the long run. Between increased productivity and labor cost, early adopters of outsourcing come with huge benefits. Altogether, it’s clear that outsourcing comes with an essential slice of the startup scaling pie.

Cost Reduction
Outsourcing comes with cost-saving. One needs to consider the reduction in office space, hours spent doing an interview, training costs, and other overhead costs for full-time internal hires. These things would help save and free up additional capital by solving cash flow issues. How much one can save depends on the situation and business requirements.

Instant Expertise
Outsourcing helps with overflow work using methods to address in-house skill gaps. If you lack internal skills at your company, you’re creating inefficiency and taking unnecessary risks. Some businesses are fined billions each year for incorrect payroll information. Why does one spend time developing their own team? If you’re busy scaling an operation built on core business needs, you must focus entirely. No matter in what area you outsource, you only need a team of specialists that puts in the necessary work to attain expert proficiency.

Competitive Advantage
It’s one top reason to outsource as the playing field level is high. There’s no reason that your startup company can’t compete on the same level as larger enterprises. The business outsources primarily for financial reasons to accelerate growth and increase your organization’s agility. Few businesses use IT outsourcing to get solutions like:

  • Driving Innovations
  • Ramping up speed to market
  • Improving top-line growth

Improved Focus
In the early days, the focus revolved around incubating the idea and developing a quality product. The inherent problem of a startup with scaling is that when you rev up the growth engine, the team starts piling up with increasingly diverse responsibilities. The staff focus on the product, which makes the company grow globally. One needs to cut down competing priorities by relinquishing all batons that aren’t core to your business to outsource. When a non-core task is delegated to an outside provider, you can ask your team to keep doing what they are doing best.

Resource efficiency
There is a time when hiring new people, new equipment, and a new process can slow the progress. At the same time, outsourcing cuts down on time-consuming tasks. One can eliminate the project management and planning time with outsourcing. Cut down the non-productive hours spent on lunch break, vacation time, and more. One would lose the internal resources for efficient allocation. Employees who were multitasking in areas can now put their focus on the task that is required.

What is the problem with an in-house startup development team?

There are a lot of factors that work against startups and build an in-house team early. A few of the obstacles are:

  • It’s going to take a long time to put a team together
  • Developing a reliable process isn’t smooth sailing
  • Fostering the right culture for your team is a nuanced process

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Summary Up

While Startup life is challenging, it’s also fun and exciting. To build a product is rewarding and super challenging. But when you have a trusted partner by your side like Agile Infoways, who can put some weight on their shoulders, you can pitch your product and make sales. Do some research, consider all pros and cons, and then only sign under the dotted line.
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