Long gone are the days when the tech-adage of the world being an e-village used to sound crisp and fascinating. We, today, live in a world where technology has touched humongous heights to establish itself as the very veins of the planet. The recently concluded Google I/O, 2018, has had enough echoes around the globe to prove a point that technology has touched the unconquered realms of the human race and it is only growing more and more…

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, took lead regarding the narration of various features that Google had to offer, and surprisingly (being an understatement), the innovations are worth a cheer as they are exemplary. The Google I/O, 2018, held from the 8th to the 10th of May, paved the way for better, bigger, and varied innovations. Google put forward an array of new tech-marvels, which promise comfort and ease at our fingertips, one which extends from the daily joys of a person’s routine to the new age requirement of a hassle-free browsing experience. This time around, Google has concentrated more on the aspect of how a layman tends to use an application with its nuances, than the upgrading of the application itself.

Let us take a look at what the tech giant has to offer.

TPU 3.0:

Starting with the processor, the up-gradation of TPO 2.0 to TPU 3.0, has been availed as a major one in the field of technology, bringing in liquid controlling to systematically deal with the procession unit, making it adapt many features without a hassle or pause.

One of the qualities being that of the voice of Google which speaks back to the user. Instead of one, monotonous sound, the user will now have the joy of speaking to six different voices, which have notes and sounds close to that of the perfect ones needed by the user.

Continued conversations would be another feature which will make quite a change in the usage pattern as there will be minimal use of “Hello Google”, every time the user wants to search for something. The pattern of use will allow a continued conversation, just like the ones you have with your pal, so it will not only be user-friendly but as if being with a friend.

Google Duplex:

Most of the readers here, at least once in their life, might have wanted a separate version of themselves to deal with the multiple tasks, that are at hand, to manage time and tasks at the same time. Google brings the feature of Google Duplex, which extends the arrays of an assistant, by making a call for you or literally working on behalf of you in the background, to make your life easier and comfortable. Mr. Pichai also adds about a distinguishing variant of the assistant where even the pauses that you take in between speech, are analyzed and are included in the conversations that it undertakes, to ensure maximum originality in the tone, breath, and mannerisms.

Duplex takes the arena of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a whole new level, such that a major share of the tasks that the humans do…they still can, with the help of their Dupl(icate)ex soul. It may sound a bit ahead of the times and queries may be raised on its accountability, but neither the world nor the advancements wait for anyone. Eventually, we all will catch up with it and will advocate it.

Android P:

While rolling out the latest addition in the versions of Android, Android P compatible in android mobile app development boasts on being focused on the browsing patterns of the user, which in turn leads to establishing the concept of Adaptive Battery. A lot of research and development has gone into it, and successfully though, the system tends to use the battery as the priority of the browsers used, tick in. Less used sites will get their own share of less battery time while the often-used ones will take the lion’s share.

Along with the Adaptive Batteries, comes the section of Adaptive Brightness which tends to adjust the brightness of the gadget as per the importance or the usage deciphered by the system. The new features of the version also include Shush (you heard that? Right?), which turns down the brightness, notifications, and alerts when in the do not disturb mode, which can be done by just turning the phone upside down…absolutely nothing else is needed, so that the focus remains unaltered.

Visual Positioning System:

One of the biggest, user-friendly ideas, Google has come up with to date, ‘checkmating’ the idea of GPS. Google VPS brings in new age navigation and maps to view, wherein if a person is lost, the system combines the location of the person and the camera both, to give the person a better, real-time view of where to lead. VPS estimates precise positioning and orientation, bringing in effortless ways to find the route when lost. If it’s still not interesting, then perhaps time travel may help.

Google Lens:

Imagine your very eyes as an Encyclopaedia! Yes, you heard that right. Google lens brings to the user, an opportunity, of understanding and informing of whatever it is the user is looking at. ‘N’ amount of information of an object or a thing that is unknown to the user is made available to the user just by focusing the camera at the same. The system recognizes the material and gathers in all that it could via the internet, and help to educate the user on the same, taking learning and exploring to a whole new level of precision.

Healthcare Analysis:

A major breakthrough in the advancements, the scope of Healthcare analysis through Google offers a quick, efficient check on a person’s medical history and a scan through the medical bio-data of thousands of people to arrive at a conclusion of whether or not to re-admit a person following his/her medical condition. A doctor can rely on it like his own shadow, and can save a major share of his time by coming to terms with this “tech medico consultant.”


Excellent updates on the tracks of automatic compositions have been added to Gmail. The system first analyses the patterns on which a mail is written and follows the same for similar/same words being keyed in. The user saves time, while also being reminded of what he/she will/can write to complete the sentence to perfection. The pattern which is followed by the user will reflect when the predictions are made by the system, which adds to the ease of typing, taking the whole concept to a whole new level.

Suggested Actions In Photographs:

Over the years, the quality of a photograph and the extreme to which the same can be manipulated has always had us in awe. Google comes up with new, interesting features which can add to the vision on which the photo gallery was looked on. A series of photographs containing the same individual, than that of the user, will be recognized by the system and can be shared with the individual in a click…just one click. The textures of the photograph, its background, focus, and literally everything can be adjusted to bring new life to the picture, making it a cherishing memory at one’s own efforts.

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Google-like (n)ever before rolled out innovations one after the other; some of which help certain strata of people, while most of them capable of changing the lives of the layman in the technical as well as the physical aspect in terms of AI & IOT development like smart school solution. This once more inscribes the feeling of how technology and its marvels are powerful enough to influence our life, in small and big ways.

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