As technology is increasing day-by-day, it’s developing programs and mobile applications that work with programming languages. Among them, one such programming language is Python mobile app development. Talking about current Google trends, Python is the most searched programming language in February 2020 – February 2021.

How can one develop mobile apps with Python?

Based on the survey, Python is one of the top programming mobile app developers worldwide. One can consider Python as an emerging programming language and is pretty evident in these statistics. Being non-technical, if you have to make an app with Python, then understand the language very well.

Python comes with a high-level and general-purpose programming language which supports object-oriented programming and structured programming. It helps to build web apps and mobile applications quickly. Also, it’s versatile and powerful and is a great choice to opt for Python app development. It allows me to think like a programmer and help in solving complex syntax problems.

Also, Power Programming with Python – The Language of the Greats!

What are the benefits of Python?

  • Easy to use programming language
  • Highly flexible to integrate with other languages
  • Simple syntax to ensure the lowest learning curve
  • Works excellent for visualizing reports and data
  • Simple language for easy readability
  • Maintain and support asynchronous code

Disadvantages of Python

  • Little slow than other programming languages
  • Difficult to switch to language with complex syntax
  • GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) helps to execute one thread at a time.
  • Lack of true Multiprocessor support

List of an application built using Python

Machine Learning applications

The list cannot be complete without adding Machine learning applications. It’s an algorithm technology that adds data to the operating system and makes intelligent decisions. Whereas NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a part of machine learning that helps the system analyze, understand, and manipulate human language by making algorithms work with ease. Python is a technology that supports developers to avail tools and use them under a GNU license easily.

Blockchain applications

Blockchain is today’s hottest trend that comes with building a mobile application. We do know it’s not easy to develop a blockchain application until Python comes into the picture. Python made blockchain apps easier to understand and make the mobile development process more facilitated. One of the examples is Flask, where a web app framework helps to employ Python in building blockchain apps. Also, a python script is used in multiple machines like forming a decentralized network.

Understand Current Blockchain Technology with Future Trends

Social networking applications

The social networking application helps to connect with your friends. It’s not easy for social media applications to manage millions of users. But Python comes with heavier footprints in regards to memory, disk usage, and processor. One of the most trending applications is Instagram which serves nearly 800 million users. The Instagram engineer moved to the python framework for managing users. It helped to improve the efficiency of Instagram’s web service.

Business applications

Python is one of the agile programming languages which is capable of developing various types of mobile applications. The main reason to choose to build business apps is by assisting in developing mobile apps and automating complex business processes with ease. The Python language is a great choice when it comes to developing apps to boost the business’s productivity. Python works excellent with business management apps.

Game applications

We find lots of entrepreneurs that build gaming applications and look for a powerful programming language. The main reason for using Python for gaming is it helps best with add-ons and functionalities. A few of the top games involve Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, written by Panda 3D game engine and entirely written in Python. Other examples are EVE online and Battlefield 2.

Few popular apps develop with Python

Various companies make apps using Python. Few popular apps use Python to simplify complex business needs. They are:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify
  • Dropbox
  • Uber
  • Reddit

When to use Python mobile development?

Python is a remarkable technology that helps to adapt and change itself by embracing the power of the application that drives it. It supports different systems and machines with providing good results for using applications. A few of the top reasons that make us use Python are:

1) If you need to perform complex statistical calculation applications

Do you require a tool that performs a complex calculation with ease? Well, Python comes with solving statistical applications with speed and versatility.  

2) If you need to use the latest technologies

If users need to embrace the latest technologies, then considering Python is the best option. It supports the creation of mobile-friendly and high-performance applications.

3) If one needs higher app scalability

One of you is looking to use particular technology that scales with time, and Python is for you. It comes with convenience, flexibility, and help in setting criteria.

4) If one needs support for third-party technology

Python offers extensive support for powerful technologies, which helps to shape the future of app development. It comes with third-party technology support developed with using the tool.

5) If one needs a robust language platform

Python comes with robustness and flexibility to handle a high volume of traffic. It helps to build user-friendly and high-performance applications with ease.  

What are the best Python frameworks for mobile development?

  • Kivy: It’s an open-source python library for the rapid development of cross-platform UI applications. It can handle GPU-bound workloads when needed. It comes with a toolkit that works as the best cross-platform UI application.
  • BeeWare: It’s one famous set of tools that allows writing applications in Python and cross-compile them for deployment on several systems. It includes an operating system that adds macOS, Linux GTK, Windows as a mobile platform in iOS and Android.  
  • Flask: It’s a framework developed on Jinga 2 and Werkzeug. Flask does not need tools and libraries similar to another framework that integrate support for unit testing, restful request dispatching, etc.
  • Django: It’s one of the high-level frameworks that streamline web app development through different features. It supports developers to create complex code and Python web applications efficiently.  

In general, terms, using imperative code can help the user interface to make more efforts. The workflow is typically more manageable and helps implement within Apple’s Xcode or Android Studio’s built-in editors. Wrapping up shows, Python comes with significant code advantages. If your organization writes an application in Python using a platform like Android or iOS, then carefully evaluate the pros and cons before proceeding.

Choosing a programming language is quite tough. One needs to select wisely by checking all factors like features, reviews, pros, and cons. If you’re facing a problem during the development of the Python mobile app or Python web app, contact us.

Hire Python developer for your project by connecting with us and get highly dedicated and experienced developers. Our expertise has hands-on experience in developing Python-based apps and for all platforms.

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