The mobile era is here where the number of mobile users is more incredible than desktop users. Statista suggests in 2020 that mobile phone users worldwide reach 5 billion, which is a big audience. Several business owners thought about how to win the audience and how mobile strategy applies. If you build a mobile website or application, there’s no right option that depends on several factors that include business plan, resources, and web properties.

If you’re seeking to start a business and want to reach out to maximum customers, then the best way in this digital world is through the internet. We’re living in a world of smartphones and the internet where most of the work is done through a simple touch. It becomes essential for any new entrepreneur to create a mobile website or a mobile app for their business. The doubt that remains for most such entrepreneurs is that they should go for a mobile website or a mobile app?

As it’s the start of their business, they need to spend minimum & extend maximum. To Create both the mobile website as well as the app. Here we try to differentiate between a mobile website and a mobile app, which may be helpful to emerging entrepreneurs.

Mobile Website

A Mobile Website is a browser-based way to access internet content. Similar to regular websites, it’s designed for mobile devices and is not displayed perfectly on desktop. Along with mobile, there’s another broad concept that optimizes the website for smaller screens. If we talk about the website, then it comes with a responsive design.

Any responsive website contains HTML pages linked together and viewed over the internet. If you won’t find anything out of the ordinary, then unlike a regular website, it is geared to display correctly on all screen sizes. It works well with a mobile-friendly website and desktop versions that scales down for smartphones and tablets using touchscreen interfaces. Also, a responsive web design goes perfectly with a mobile device as much as a mobile website.

A Mobile website is superior to a mobile app that matters compatibility, maintenance, and accessibility, and another great step to boost and support a mobile marketing campaign. It evaluates the choice between a mobile website and a mobile app precisely with adding benefits to the mobile website and its limitations.

Advantages of Mobile Website

  • Broader Reach

Due to the multi-device support, it offers responsive web design across various platforms. It’s easier to reach a wide range of audiences than a mobile app can get. In this blog post, app vs website debate, the website wins to grab a potential audience.

  • Compatibility

Any website would enhance user experience across different types of mobile devices. A mobile app requires developing a separate version of each operating system and device type. The user who owns a responsive website provides the best support integration like QR code and text messaging.

  • Support and Maintenance

Website cost is relatively less to upgrade. One needs to maintain it in just a single version. When compared with a mobile app, it requires downloading every update that lets you change the content or design by editing it once. It allows working with flexibility and efficiency. It implements updates to become active and visible immediately across all types of devices.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are an application that is downloaded and installed on a user’s mobile devices. An application can pull content and data from the internet similar to the website or download the internet content. A native app developed for a particular platform like iOS and Android, installed on the device. A native application is written in the language of the operating system of the device. Here the apps are an entirely separate entity and often work as an extension of the brand. Check the advantages of using Mobile applications.

Advantages of Mobile Apps

  • Personalized Experience

A mobile application gives the user a more unique and personalized experience. The other merit is that you can access the user’s location and further details, which becomes very difficult with mobile websites.

  • When there is no internet access

An internet connection is a must for either a mobile website or an app. But the app does hold a slight advantage over a mobile website. An offline app can still show information related to your business without internet access which a mobile website can’t. For instance, if you have e-commerce business, the mobile app can still show the list of products if not purchase them, in the absence of internet access.

  • Content Sharing

One more thing you need to note is that content sharing also becomes very important for an app. The amount of content shared will also decide the user’s interaction with the app. The app that you make should not only be well designed but also user-friendly to gain maximum popularity in a minimum time.

  • Financial Advantage

A small financial advantage you can have while creating an app is that you may get your cost reduced as you ask the developer to put complete services at once.

  • Mobile Store

One more major advantage you can have while using the app is to keep your app on a mobile store where you can share the details about your app. And also, your app will start getting noticed more once it starts getting good rating points and reviews.

Also, review Essential Mobile App Marketing Plan for Startups

Which is the better option?

When it comes to selecting a better option, Mobile Website or Mobile Web, choose wisely. The choice depends on your business objectives. The main goal is to get mobile-friendly content to a wide range of people, then go for a mobile website that probably is best. If you want to get better engagement and communicate with your customers to drive more loyalty, then a mobile app is the best choice to move on.

Sometimes, one needs to choose based on their requirement using strategic and valuable choices. When selecting a brand’s mobile strategy, it’s no question of a mobile website or mobile app, but perhaps both use the best-pronged approach.

Except for the above-listed points, there is also a need for a solid market plan and in-depth knowledge of the maximum traffic. This also becomes a major factor in deciding whether to go for a mobile website, an app, or both. If you’re unsure which to choose, request us for a demo, and our experts would be happy to help you leverage the best.


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