Today wearable tech is changing the game of many businesses to increase its popularity. The company includes insulin monitors, heart rates, and helps companies to track and monitor employees.  

There are analyses and predictions available in the wearable market, which is on the rise and are entirely profitable. Whether it is smart glasses, smartwatches, fitness trackers, or wrist bands, wearable devices are making a massive impact in today’s market. This smart technology is key to operating an individual’s future smartly. It’s time to make new things possible with wearable technology.

Today Wearables are connected to the Internet of things and are disrupting medical practices at a healthy rate with creating a new era of digital medicine. Wearables help to improve workplace productivity, open a new gate to new business opportunities, play a crucial role in health and safety, and add the best security systems for the employees.

Let’s look into some of the standard wearable technology.

  • Smaller devices like smart jewellery, rings, wristband, and other pins can coordinate with a smartphone app.
  • It can also be used in body-mounted sensors and in transmitting biological data for healthcare purposes.
  • The fitness tracker is used in the wristband, which monitors things like vital signs and physical activity. The trackers are connected wirelessly to an app for data storage, reporting, and processing.
  • Smart clothing adds built-in technology which includes fabric characteristics to suit the user’s preference and environment.
  • AI hearing aids are used to filter out unwanted noises and automatically adapt to the best performance. Some devices refer to as hearable and incorporate capabilities such as fitness tracking, translation, and streaming.
  • AR headsets are used to integrate digital information into a display of the user’s environment and mixed reality. Later integrate with physical reality and digital content to enable interaction with real-world and virtual objects.

Dive in to understand the Wearable Health Technology

As human turns out to be more dependent on technology, technology turns out to be more critical for human being’s health. A major thanks to IoT (Internet Of Things), where people can now monitor their health without the requirement of a doctor every single day. The upcoming big revolution in the healthcare & medical fitness industry will bring incomparable gadgets that you’ll be wearing.

1) Smart contact lenses

These are the glucose-sensing lenses which assemble to measure glucose levels in tears by utilizing a chip. It will prompt another path for individuals with diabetes to deal with their disease.

2) Wearable pain relief patch

CUR – The first smart pain relief band-Aid to wear to manage Neck pain, Arm pain, Leg pain as well as Muscle Soreness in your body. The device is easily adjustable and thoroughly practical.

3) Wearable Fitness Trackers

It’s one of the most original forms of wearable technology, wearable fitness trackers, and another wristband that is equipped with sensors. The sensor helps to track a user’s physical activity and heart rate. The wearables help in health and fitness recommendations by syncing various smartphone apps.

4) Smart Health Watches

Smartwatches monitor your vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure. It helps in maintaining stress levels, sleep patterns, and gives alerts to possible oncoming heart attacks and strokes. It informs when you need a doctor to check out, etc.

5) Smart Socks

It allows users to manage their running techniques in real-time as well as monitor heart rate. It’s a genuinely wearable system for runners. Socks comprises three thin, soft textile pressure sensors. It’ll help a runner to improve their running form and performance.

6) Electronic sensor tattoos

These tattoos can measure skin hydration, temperature, and any electric signals from muscle and brain waves.

Advances in & future of medical devices

Wearable gadgets empower users to track their health data 24/7 passively. Wearable health devices could be utilized in just about any clinical trial to get more precise data from patients at any time of day when they are performing any action.

The wearable trends influence the decision of insurers and various companies to take advantage of the benefits of wearable health monitoring devices. The insurers can lessen the rising cost per patient by using wearable and increasing customer lifetime value.

Check here What is Healthcare Management Software Solutions

Wearables in eCommerce

In the eCommerce space, Wearables are adding significant economic value as well as becoming the hottest brands to watch for. With forward-thinking, retail entrants, and customer adoption ladder, today the wearables app development is increasing.

Some statistics by wearable technology predict that the Global end-user spends nearly $52 billion in the year 2020. According to Gartner, smartwatches and smart clothing increases by 34% and 52%. Currently, smartwatch shipments predict 86 million units where ear-worn gadgets reach 70 million units worldwide.  

  • Email

Even though these wearable devices are convenient and very tiny in size, they help users in sending and receiving emails. It will facilitate users to operate different emails every day. It’ll be beneficial to update the customers regularly through emails.

  • Geo-location

With this feature of wearable technology, eCommerce merchants will easily be able to deliver more personalized customer experiences. Other updates are sent to users based on their exact location. Notifications are based on shopping habits and demands. 

It enhances the user’s buying experience as well as helps retailers to store payment information.

  • Increase Conversation through Geo-targeting

One can send personalized location-based notifications and offer customers walking in store to increase sales. Geo-targeting retailers offer shopper’s exact location and send real-time updates based on shopping behavior. The wearable comes with sensors that enable the system to pull the data from wearable tech when it comes in range.

  • Improve In-store Shopping Experience

Help your customer to have hand-free shopping with RFID and mobile payments. The shoppers do not need to stand in queues, rummage wallets, and cards to clear payments. This new technology saves time, energy, and experience higher sales.

If you’re looking to enhance your customer shopping experience, then improve your eCommerce website with wearable app development. The impact of wearable helps retailers to drive more massive sales, operational efficiencies and win digital marketing.

Why should your business embrace wearable technology?

Whether you want to monitor employee safety, boost productivity or encourage a healthier lifestyle, wearable offers the best services. Various businesses are finding ways to incorporate wearables into daily operations. Few businesses are using wearables for:

  • Productivity
  • Employee Safety
  • Health and Wellness
  • Consumer Relations
  • Security Concerns

Take away

Today, however, wearables are tiny in size, small, and less dramatic with full add-on functionality. There are business applications that use a wearable to gain benefits and increase sales. Wearable technology will continue to progress, and new applications will offer businesses across all sectors. The list will go on as new technologies will immerse in the digital age. If you’re looking to develop an eCommerce store or want to incorporate wearable technology, connect with us, and get limitless features added to your project.

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