Halloween is called the spookiest night of the year. It’s a tradition that originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It’s when people light bonfires and wear a costume to ward off the ghost. The evening before is Hallows Eve and later is Halloween. With this, various activities evolved like trick or treating, carving lanterns, gathering, donning costumes, and eating treats. 

People were worried and brainstormed every year about what costume they would wear. With passing time, technology has made Halloween less stressful than ever before. Whether we talked about the outfit, decorating your house, trick, treating, or carving pumpkins, technology has changed it all. The time is here when we feel more creative with fantastic costumes. 

While searching online for Halloween costumes on Google, we get millions of ideas. All thanks to technology as of now, parents can save memories of their kids and post them on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Now, we can sit back and buy costumes online any time before Halloween week. Nowadays, the costumes are buzz-worthy and photo-worthy. We can say, technology has put pressure on parents to buy outfits and post on social media.

Halloween technology has put a new twist on traditional Halloween events that make it look more exciting. Let’s study some Halloween tech decoration ideas that give trick-or-treaters and your co-worker’s goosebumps. 

1) Choose your Makeup 

Using a custom augmented reality solution helps in offering a perfect Halloween look. We’ll find several AR apps that offer masks with virtually added Halloween makeup on your face. It’s the best way to make spooky to scary photos of our friends and use it as a reference for party makeup. If you’re looking to use an outshining technology and develop an AR application, then check our in-depth understanding of the technology. 

2) Augmented Reality Carving App

Are you worried about how to get carving pumpkins to face precisely, right? Don’t worry, with the high-tech solution AR apps are available for you. Download the app and projecting stencil can give your sharp and precise image. Now get clean and accurate by using an Augmented reality carving application. Also, understand how augmented reality trends bring 2020 evolution. 

3) Creating Spooky Props

Instead of roaming around in the stores to buy stuff, you can create a 3D scan and give the best trick or treats to your audience. By using a 3D printer, you can scan any item and create a 3D look physical object. It can help when you want the decoration to be real and can’t find them in stores. It’s simple to scan items and create a replica of that object hassle-free. Understand how AR enhances in real life and how they plan their next move using the latest technology. 

4) Haunted House App

One of the essential Halloween technologies is haunted house applications. We’ll find several applications that allow for planning out all decorations done in your home. It gives the AR view and helps you insert your ideas by providing a real-life look on the application. Using this AR technology, it guides the buy decoration that you can use it without spending on useless stuff. Mainly the application will give a rough idea about your theme, decoration things you need, and overall colour idea decorations to make the best fit for your party. Don’t miss to check out the role of AR in the education system. 

5) Scary AI

MIT is using AI projects to see if they could scare humans. Firstly, we need to understand what makes it scary and later how to apply and then create creepy images of them. Humans are making machine learning and looking through pictures on social platforms. Later, people can vote on whether it’s scary or not. 

6) Choose a Halloween costume.

Buying online might not give you a chance to try it physically. It can prevent you from purchasing. You might return the item if it doesn’t fit you or dimension doesn’t look better on you. For this, we can use AR apps and try on a different costume from your home while shopping online. 

How is Wearable Technology Changing Halloween?

Wearable apps have come a long way. It can prevent sports injuries, detect asthma and other diseases. Today’s wearable technology can let you know how much candy you’ve consumed on Halloween night. You need to wear the device and stay fit. Let’s dive in to understand how it works:

  • Workable tech costumes: Wearable LED lights make Halloween night beautiful similarly, you can glow in dark man and look classier. Use the technology and become a legendary tech hero like Iron Man. 
  • Smartphone tricks: Lately, the smartphone trick performed by Mark Rober. He uses a trick using two iPads on either side of his body, showing a hole through his abdomen. It is the power of technology where he changed the costume game. 
  • Halloween Safety: Wearable tech helps in keeping our trick or treaters safe. Technology is doing a great job and used for practical means. Now parents can feel assured by giving their kids GPS trackers and so they can head all night long. 

How AI takes over Humans?

Today the use of automation and AI businesses range from lower costs and a higher rate of productivity. By using these advanced machines, does the worker get affected? Yes, it does as many workers would lose their jobs or have workdays cut out. The company may cost more by using AI machinery but is cost-effective in comparison to a worker. Even the military acquired the AI system to fight in battlefields. 

How Technology Provides an Unforgettable Experience?

The digital decorations created to make our lives more comfortable as it provides the user with the best experience. As we know, planning a party is time-consuming and expensive too. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that everything goes as per your schedule. All thanks to the AR application, now you can plan every single detail of your party starting with venue decoration to pick your costume. 

Which is better? Web Application or Mobile Application

Technology has taken the party to the next level and incorporate the latest technology. If you’re an organization, then this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your creativity by using the latest high-tech methods. We’ll find a lot of AR applications available around that provide the exact effect you’re looking for. All we need to do is come up with a concept or design using this application in real-life. 

If you have a question regarding app development or confused in which platform works better for you? Feel free to connect with us and help your business grow globally. 

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